Yolande Hyde

Yolande Hyde

Co-Owner and Senior Yoga Teacher


Yolande teaches at the Mona Vale studio
Tuesdays and Thursdays 12.30 – 1.30pm in therapy based area specific lunchtime classes
Wednesdays 09.30 –  11.00am Dynamic Seasonal Yoga (LVL3)
Saturdays 08.00 – 9.30am Seasonal Hatha (LVL3)

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Senior Seasonal Yoga teacher, Childbirth Educator, Doula, Cranio Sacral Therapist, Yoga Therapist and co-owner

A highly experienced, intuitive and well rounded Seasonal Yoga teacher, Yolande’s creative class sequencing, woven storytelling, compassion and warmth are the strengths that she brings to the mat Yolande had a passion for yoga from an early age where its roots were laid in the Physical Culture and Classical Ballet classes she attended throughout her school years. Around the age of 16 she joined her first yoga class and the seeds were sown and continued to be well watered as she explored the Iyengar system and various offshoots of Hatha Yoga as well as developing an interest in the philosophies that underpin these systems. In her late 20s she consolidated this personal practice with Ki Master yoga teacher and Shiatsu supremo Jack Marshall of Zen Renaissance Healing in Bondi Junction. The teacher training undertaken was 2 years covering the meridian systems of Masanaga as applied to Hatha yoga postures and seasonal energy patterns, the balanced approach of Whole Food philosophies and a lot of yoga. A fire was lit.

After graduation she went on to teach in various studios around Sydney as well as working in a mentor role for Japanese Ki Yoga teacher trainers in their final year.

Further study undertaken with Usha Devi, Sal Flynn, Leigh Balashki, Donna Fahri, Rick Birrell, Sylviane James and Richard Paton have reshaped and redefined her practice and her approach to Seasonal Yoga. Now Principal of the Yoga & Health Foundation she promotes seasonal attunment through food, yoga practice and yogic philosophies.

Yolande is also the principal of the Yoga Teacher training course run through the school to bring quality and authentic yoga learning to Sydney’s Northern Beaches.


Yolande’s Timetable

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