Types of Yoga

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Take sanctuary in the busy heart of Mona Vale CBD in a light and airy space away from everything that pulls you outside yourself. At this center we hold a steady commitment to the original teachings of yoga, you will not find hot yoga, goat yoga or hangover yoga classes within our walls only fellow students and a teaching faculty who, like you, want their yoga served straight up and true to the intention of the practice and the master teachers of the past from which we are all aligned.

  • Skillful, highly educated, senior teachers interested in imparting the benefits of a full and rounded yoga practice which includes as much meditation and pranayama (breathing) as it does physical movement.
  • A mixture of full practice classes (asana, pranayama and meditation), physically demanding vinyasa classes, yin yoga, meditations, pre and post natal and remedial or medical practices.
  • Comprehensive and accessible beginners yoga programs structured to support and encourage the brand new beginner.
  • Advances classes that give the experienced student scope for practice expansion as well as an opportunity to better understand the movement vocabulary of the body through embodied sequencing and philosophy.

This space offers a deeply sacred and nurturing environment for personal growth and transformation thru yoga and natural health.

What level am I ?
Our group classes are divided into 3 levels of practice:

Level 1 – Learn the foundations of practice in classes that move slowly, offer lots of options as the pose builds, and in general avoid the trickier and more challenging versions of the posse. Great if you are new to yoga, have limitations in the body or are returning to practice after a break.

Level 2 – These classes are for yoga students who have some experience of the basics of Yoga postures and breath awareness. Here the teachers will work into deeper poses or work on holding poses a little longer. Some modifications will be given but it will be assumed that the student has some knowledge about ways in which to modify for their specific conditions.

Level 3 – These classes are for more experienced students and yoga teachers who know themselves and their yoga practice well and have a greater awareness of how the practice might affect them. Students at this level are confident to make personal corrections to assist them to gain the most out of the class and avoid injury. These classes are a valuable experience for the competent student.

Private Yoga

One on one yoga was the way yoga was first developed and the personal power gained thru individual practice has not diminished even though the nature of practice has evolved. All of the teachers at both our centers offer private sessions where a postural analysis and health assessment will inform a take home sequence or a regular weekly spot.
Further to this we have senior teachers and fully qualified Yoga Therapists offering individual therapy sessions to the student who is looking to the benefits of yoga for repair and recovery after illness or accident. Sessions such as these often include all the components of yoga and may address movement limitations, breath work, meditation and spiritual practices.
Theses practice sessions can then be continued at home or students can return for weekly or fortnightly sessions with their teachers. Discounts for packages apply.
Also on offer self practice sessions over 2 (and sometimes 3) mornings every term where students have a private session with Yolande Hyde where a personal practice is set. Students then attend the group sessions and practice their own sequences with a senior teacher there to guide and inspire.

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