Summer Seasonal Yoga Intensive

With: Yolande Hyde

When: Monday to Friday 
Jan14-18 2019
6.00 – 7.30am daily practice

Investment: $99 early bird paid by 31/12
$120 thereafter
Casual attendance $30 per class space permitting 

Mother and Baby Yoga

Join us for an offering of yoga to the Fire element and the season of summer with senior teacher Yolande Hyde

After what has been challenging year in both the global and personal arenas we take this opportunity to connect with the element FIRE and its capacity to transform.

In times of great change Fire offers with its left hand a moment to affirm the grieving that comes with losing someone or something you once really loved, while with its right hand it brings you to remembrance and recall.

We are fast to lean into heroic and transcendental rises from the hardship ashes of life but in doing so we deny ourselves (and others) the long and painful part of the story where we are engulfed by the flames of our grief, and watch as everything we know burns to the ground  – such is the completeness of Fires work once she ignites

This change in you, in your world, in your heart, came about because your call for an aligned creation was heard and the time became now. The only way through is to humble your heroics,  exercise your patience and goodness, and know that you are not the first.
In the build up to the final moon of the year of the Dog we court the memories of the future and invite them to grow in the cradle of the losses we have suffered. This is the potency and the prophecy of the Phoenix. 
This is the capacity of Fire to turn dough into bread, clay into ceramic and you into your most radiant version.

This intensive will hold daily practices of pranayama, asana and meditation based around the Chinese Element of Fire and the season of Summer.
No beginners – sorry

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