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Embodied 5 Element Yoga Teacher Training

Element Wpricing and 100 hours level 2 Yoga Teacher Training


Venue: Qi Yoga Freshwater 

Commencing with the Spring Seasonal Sessions: Friday October 11, 2019

This year we are offering up a much anticipated teaching program specifically tuned to develop your understanding and application of the 5 element theory in traditional Hatha Yoga.

Many teachers have learned the fundamentals of the system through various Yin Yoga Teacher training courses, others are curious as to how the seasonal philosophy and practice works after gaining an understanding of Ayurveda. This course offers to take that knowledge to a deeper and more embodied level lashing down the inner understanding needed to develop a unique language through which teachers can communicate the elements, the channels and the seasons they serve.

Join Yolande Hyde, one of Sydney’s senior seasonal yoga teachers for a deep and experiential process taking us into the heart of the elements as viewed by the ancient Taoists. Developing a skill set of based on the 12 meridians and the 5 elements, and the development of a conceptual vocabulary to up level your understanding, experience and delivery of yoga asana.

Minimum requirement: 200 hour YTT

Course delivery: The course will be made up of 2 weekends per season taken over 12 months of study. This gives each student a chance to immerse in the element and refine their perception and empathy according to what is at play in the environment during the course of the study. Some lectures, where weather permits, may be held outdoors in those elements themselves.

Wood Element  for Vision | October 11,12 &19
Fire Element for Growth | January 17,18,& 19
Earth Element for Harvest | February 21,22 & 29
Metal Element for Release | May 1,2, & 9 
Water Element for Stillness | June 26,27 & July 4. 

Each session will include pranayama, meditation, asana, lecture and some partner work.

We begin this seasonal course with the WOOD ELEMENT and the channels of Liver and Gall Bladder. The seat of our new beginnings, the house of the visionary, and the place from which all our suns rise.

Friday October 11, 6 – 9 pm &
Saturday October 12 & 19, 10 – 6 pm

The course can be purchased as whole or as separate modules of study – see prospectus for all your enrolment information.

CPD points available for Yoga Australia members.

Yoga Teacher Training

Our final preview evenings are:
Tuesday 7:30 – 8:30 pm 
October 1 & 8
@ Qi Yoga Manly 
 Please book your spot as soon as you can!

I feel extremely blessed to have had the fortunate experience of undertaking my teacher training with Yolande in 2014.

Her depth of yogic knowledge and asan was a truley inspiring and life changing experience for me. 
Yolande had a poetic and deeply initutive emobioment of the 5 element theory. 
It took my understanding of yoga to a new and inspiring level and changed completely, the way I looked at my own prctice and the way I teach.

There was no possible way I could return to teaching a class without consideration from a seasonal and elemental perspective, it just makes sense!
Yolande teaches from the heart and her sensed knowing of this ancient practice made learning a complelling experience.

Tracy Chambers

Yolandes knowledge and passion of the 5 element theory is mind blowing and soul enriching.

The teachings are profound and opened me to a deeper understanding of how we operate in relation to natural cycles as well as how to harness seasonal energies for greater balance.

Studying 5 element theory equppied me to teach from a space of deeper understanding on how we operate on physical emotional and mental levels through each season.
To study with Yolande is a gift to yourself and your students. the knowledge gained on this course will equip you with powerful technioques and new dimensions of awareness

Cristina Berrios

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I am so thankful that I followed my instinct to enroll in YTT at Yoga & Health Collective – I would go so far as to say it has been transformative in my life, it has definately changed aspects of me, my family, my priorities and where I am heading quite dramatically (and positively) including in totally unrelated areas such as within my career.  Jude K, Mona Vale

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