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Embodied 5 Element Yoga Teacher Training

100 hours over the winter term
Friday 19 July 2019 – Saturday 21 September 2019

This year we are offering up a much anticipated teaching program specifically tuned to develop your understanding and application of the 5 element theory in traditional Hatha Yoga.

Many teachers have learned the fundamentals of the system through various Yin Yoga Teacher training courses, others are curious as to how the seasonal philosophy and practice works after gaining an understanding of Ayurveda. This course offers to take that knowledge to deeper and more embodied level as well as lash down the inner understanding needed to develop a unique language through which to communicate the elements and the seasons they serve.

Join Yolande Hyde, one of Sydney’s senior seasonal yoga teachers for a deep and experiential process taking us into the heart of the elements as viewed by the ancient Taoists. Developing a skill set of based on the 12 meridians and the 5 elements, and conceptual vocabulary to up level your understanding, experience and delivery of yoga asana.

Minimum requirement: 200 hour YTT

Course delivery: Each session will include pranayama, meditation, asana, free movement, lecture and some partner work.

Friday night 5 – 8 pm x 10 sessions

Saturday 11 – 4 x 10 sessions

Home study 20 hours

Yoga Teacher Training

100hr Level 2 Teacher Training 2019
Friday 19 July to Saturday 21 September

Philosophy and history of 5 element theory as a practice

This subject introduces the core philosophies and principles underpinning Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice, through an introduction to Taoism, Yin Yang and Five Element theories as they relate to Yoga practice.

Vital Substances

In this subject we look at what makes up the vital substances in the body: Qi , Blood, Jin Ye and Essence/Jing. An introduction to the role of these nourishing fluids transforms our capacity to teach a yoga practice that supports their important function in the body.

Principles of the diagnostic system as applied to Yoga

This subject introduces the causes of disease in the body, the 5 pathogens as understood by 5 element theory and the ways in which a yoga practice can be of benefit.

The 5 elements / 12 channels

For each of the 12 channels we will examine function, physiology, implications, and relevance to Yoga. We will identify the course of the channel, its deficient and excess states and the particular asanas that can be used to create balance in each system.

Tonify and Release techniques

Taking a journey down the spine this subject catalogs the various yogic releases appropriate for each phase of the spine.

The element correspondences

An experiential subject that offers a guided inquiry into the 5 senses as understood by the element and organ correspondences. This topic is part of building the student towards an increased conceptual vocabulary for sharing the insights gained in the course with students in a yoga class setting.

Conceptual teaching

Moving on from the the organ correspondences this topic invites the student to find the various ways they can increase their conceptual vocabulary for sharing the insights and understandings gained in the course through an embodied lens.

Yoga Teacher Training

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I am so thankful that I followed my instinct to enroll in YTT at Yoga & Health Collective – I would go so far as to say it has been transformative in my life, it has definately changed aspects of me, my family, my priorities and where I am heading quite dramatically (and positively) including in totally unrelated areas such as within my career.  Jude K, Mona Vale

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