Spring Time Energy Tune Up

With: Samantha Hillier
When: Saturday September 14
4 – 6.30 pm
Investment: $60 single / $50pp double

Mother and Baby Yoga
Partner Yoga Immersion
Clearing our Inner Space for Purposeful Being and Expression

Spring is the perfect time to clean up our internal systems.
The natural properties of our Liver and Gall Bladder are alkalizing and are ready to clean out the damp, dull and lethargic remnants of our Winter season.

The energy of Spring is very active, moving upward and outward. If our systems are all jammed up it manifests as tightness, tension, crankiness and inflammation in our bodies and minds.

Once we clear out the debris and tone up our bodies, minds and spirits we feel clearer, more liberated, connected and energized – ready to move towards our dreams and visions.

In this partner workshop you will experience:
> Improved FLEXIBILITY – Partner yoga to release muscular tension especially in the neck, shoulder and hips
> Release of eye tension and headaches
> Ease of movement in your tendons, ligaments and joints- like a well-oiled machine!
> Breath practices to develop patience and perseverance
> Partner massage specifically for the Liver and Gall Bladder
> Relaxation and fun

Spring is represented by the Wood element – flexible, strong, yielding and durable. It expands away from its center, grasping the deep Earth essence and drawing in towards the Heavens.

Embody all aspects of Spring – warm sunshine, cool air, new life, the scent and colour of flowers in bloom and birds fluttering and singing.

Follow the below link for bookings:
Single booking $60
Book with a friend $100 ($50 ea)

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