Soul Mamas Circle – a 5 week course

With: Nadine O’mara

 When:  31 January – 4 April
Thursdays 12.30 – 2.00 

$90 5 weeks
$25 casual

Mother and Baby Yoga

There has been a calling from new mothers looking to understand better the deepening of Self that occurs when maiden becomes mother. 
This is a transit that we, as women have undertaken through countless lifetimes yet still often feel like clarity lacks at its doorway. 
This courses uses the power of shared storytelling to build bridges of connection between women who have been hurt, lost or confused in the unfolding of their own Motherhood.



For women who are looking to empower themselves in their becoming and to mother with the grace and trust that is their own undeniable birth right.

Join Nadine O’Mara for a 5 part course on the depth and breadth of being a Mother. 
Babies of all ages welcome

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