Quelling the Liver Fire

With: Yolande Hyde
When: Saturday September 21st
4 – 6pm
Investment: $35

Mother and Baby Yoga
A 2 hour short lecture and practice focusing on “Liver Blazing Fire”. The liver organ is associated with both the wood element and the climate of wind and, by its nature, has a strong upward momentum. Liver Fire is an all too common condition in the West where its heat flares upwards causing a myriad of upper body conditions including headaches, neck and shoulder tightness, red irritated eyes, ringing in the ears, dizziness to name just a few.

This workshop will be part education and part tools based as we explore a specific practice designed to cool this beast and return it to its smooth rhythms as well as looking at ways in which we can support its ongoing function.

Spring is Liver season. Whatever imbalances we are carrying in this organ are apt to rise over this month making us hot and bothered, in more ways than one. Equally, its the most potent time to tune yourself to the health and vitality of this amazing organ and the important work it does regulating our blood and our Qi so that all our body systems are nourished and generating.

Suitable for all levels.

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