Yoga for your Ears

April 2019

#6 Rajakapotasana – Exhaustion – Hexagram 47 KUN

Rajakapotasana is the folded, face down, bondaged prince of the hip openers it holds within it access to all of the places where life has become unyielding.
Hexagram 47 is the herald of the tired places, and Autumn brings us to the doorstep of the all that has become too heavy to bear. This synergy is the perfect portal in which to acknowledge the places where you no longer grow, and offer them back to the forest floor.


#5 Dhanurasana – Duration – Hexagram 32 GEN

Born one thing. Becoming another.
This month we take a plunge into the space in-between. Those moments during life transitions of grief and heartbreak where the past has dissolved behind and the future remains veiled and obscured. We are neither ‘there’ in our lives as they were, nor ‘arrived’ in the space in which we are becoming. We embody the archer whose bow is drawn back tight into the wisdom’s of the past, and whose arrow has not yet settled upon its target.



#4 Overcoming – Upavista Konasana – Hexagram 18 Ku

What Upavista Konasana (Wide Legged Forward Fold)seeks to show us in its difficulty is the spoiling we have woven; within our hearts and souls as within the body – for this is a challenging shape, no doubt about it. Upavista calls to all the things that must change, to the deep down, craved for realignments that sit within all of us, and to the doorstep of the journey to repair we so deeply long for. This is the shedding of old skin, this is the shimmering light of a new one, an unobscured version of yourself in Springs dawn light.


#3 The Getting of Wisdom – Supine twists – Hexagram 4 Meng

All of our edges that have folded tight as we weathered the winter begin to soften in springs fine rain and warm sun. The supine twist series offers up the perfect expression of that softening and current of expansions that live beneath it – From the seams of the temples to the soles of the feet. The I Ching counsels us to lean into Spring’s newness, to be as a beginner, to return to the wonder and awe of the child and to find joyful curiosity in not knowing in which direction we will grow when the inner body breaches the borders.

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