Mother and Baby Yoga – A 5 week Course

With: Nadine O’mara
June 4th – July 2nd
Tuesdays- 11am – 12pm
Investment:$25 Drop in / $110 5 weeks

Next 5 Week course start July 30th

Mother and Baby Yoga

Mother and Baby Yoga honours the precious relationship between a mother and her child in the first year. These classes offer a space away from the “busyness” of our society, creating an environment to nurture the bond between you both. Nourishment for you and your baby is created through movements, massage, song, yoga postures, awareness of breath and relaxation.

Infant massage and movements with babies, such as those practiced in class, are shared down
generations throughout many cultures in the world, inspired especially by Amazonian parents and Indian baby massage techniques. A shared joy in the combination of touching, stroking, handling and movement brings about powerful multi – sensory stimulation for your baby and the chance for both you and your baby to be truly present with eachother, bond and fall even more in love.

All the songs we sing and many of the movements with baby are inspired by the teachings of Rudolph Steiner designed to create harmony for you both in a baby led focus.

Yoga asanas (postures) start to rebuild strength for new mothers with particular attention to
upper body release and gentle toning of abdominals and pelvic floor.

Classes themselves are very organic, depending on the needs of you and your baby. Feel free to feed, walk or change your baby at any given time. We share tea and the chance to connect following the class and the villiage strengthens a day at a time.

Mother and Baby Yoga is not your average mums and bubs class, its focus is not to shred your abs or promise to get you back into your jeans. This is a strengthening of a much deeper part of you, a step into a special time created uniquely for you and your baby, helping create a foundation for being that serves you, your babies, your family and our community for life.

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