Mothers Day Restorative Yoga Workshop

With Nadine O’Mara 
Saturday, May 12th 4.00 – 6.00 pm
Investment: $35

Mothers Day Restorative Yoga Workshop

Young girls are on the harsh end of out cultural norms, feeling societal pressures to be a certain way, to look a certain way and to be anything other than their beautiful natural selves.

During her life and particularly as she prepares to go through the many changes of her
adolescent years, it is invaluable for a girl to have the true support and understanding of all the women who are close to her.

The Mother-Daughter Workshop honours and celebrates the true qualities of girls and women and the developing relationship and connection between a mother, her daughter and a group of supportive and empathic sistas. .

With a strong Steiner influence, this workshop will touch on gentle partner yoga as well as discussing a range of topics relevant to a young girls transition into womanhood. A beautiful way to be together and share our stories and experiences, whilst also learning from each other and developing our relationships.

Nadine Omara holds an earthed and solid space for the development of womanhood through all its phases from birth to motherhood to cronedom.

Mothers Day Restorative Yoga Workshop

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