Mother and Baby 2019 – A 5 week Course

With: Nadine O’mara

When: March 5th – April 2nd
Tuesdays 11:00 – 12:00

$110 5 Weeks
$25 Casual  

Mother and Baby Yoga

Join this sweet souls mamas group leans into the nature based teaching of Rudolph Steiner as well as the grounded practices of Yoga to help mothers find their feet in the first months after birth.

Through song, touch and movement mothers are drawn into a deep relationship with their babies over the 5 weeks of the course emerging more confident and more sure of their natural mothering abilities.

Join our next course now. Suitable for babies 6 weeks to crawling. Drop ins welcome

Finding strength and sisterhood in a group of like-minded souls journeying on a similar path is what village life would have once given us.

In this course you will explore how the combination of touching, stroking, handling, singing to, and movement brings about powerful multi-sensory stimulation for your baby. Touching alone has been shown to improve function of all the body’s systems. (nervous, endocrine, respiratory, circulatory and digestive).

The brain and the nervous systems, not yet complete at birth, have been shown to develop better in response to tactile stimulation such as practised in baby yoga classes.

In one session of baby yoga, your baby will receive as much activity and stimulation as he or she will receive in one day, meaning they are likely to sleep better too.

Babies simultaneously benefit from activities that strengthen and balance their physical body, improve digestion and offer relief from colic.

Mothers are encouraged to reclaim their physical self by practising hatha yoga poses with, and beside, their babies. This practice can help to gently strengthen and tone pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, increase energy and avert postnatal depression while increasing connection with baby.

Practicing baby yoga is a great opportunity to enhance the intimate connection required for healthy development while providing a nurturing space to enhance your personal energy and find your own physical yoga practice.

Nadine has a passion for bringing the benefits of yoga to families. She believes, in line with the beliefs of Rudolf Steiner, the first seven years of a child’s life are when the building blocks are laid to create the ability to find contentment and a sense of wellbeing as an adult. She combines her training under Birthlight with Steiner inspired songs and philosophy to nurture this special time in a mother and baby’s life.

Mother and Baby Yoga

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