Higher Wisdom Journey

With: Susan Rudd
When: 10 weeks
Thursdays 7:30 – 8:30 pm
February 4 – April 7
Investment: $300 / Payment plans available

Please email or call Susan for further information.
Email: angelsusan@bigpond .com.au
Mob. 0419792190
Mother and Baby Yoga
The Higher Wisdom Journey is a profound life evolution. A meditative and experiential journey to Higher Consciousness in a guided unfolding over 10 weeks.

Each weekly session opens you to working initially with a Master Guide then ultimately beginning the integration of your Higher Self. As we awaken to our full self-expression, we become aware of our higher self frequency and strengthen our connection with it. These sessions will expand your awareness of energy and you will be learning tools to access the Higher Self – Higher Wisdom.
Expand and deepen your meditation practice with energy and frequency work.

In this course we will cover:
> Creating a sustainable “Meditation Practice”
> Learning to connect to Divine Source -Universal Energy
> Connecting with your Master Guide
> Animal Guides and Totems / Honouring the 4 -7 Directions.
> Working with the Green World / Linking to the aura of trees, the Elemental world, Faeries and Devas for personal healing.
> Learning how to channel energy and sense energy.
> Learning about your Energetic Self / Chakras 1-4 Earth Star , Base , Sacral , Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra
> Opening your Psychic Gifts: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Clairgustance.
> Viewing Auras, Energy bodies, body scanning

> The Colour Rays- Angels , Archangels & Ascended Masters
> Opening your intuitive skills through weekly exercises such as reading the energy imprint of objects – Psychometry, aura viewing chakra balancing, clearing negative thought forms from self and your space.
> Techniques to restore and maintain your light levels.
> Techniques to clear energetic hooks and chords with other people and practise non-attachment.
> Levels of the astral and your own energetic self –The Lightbody
> Activating the Upper Chakras, (Higher Heart –Thymus gland, Throat, Brow, Crown & Soul Star.
> The Higher Spiritual Chakras – DNA
> Reading signs and symbols and synchronicity in your life.
> Working with your Guidance- the “Soul Agreement”. Learning to manifest your “Heart’s Desire”, create abundance & clear limiting patterns and belief systems.
> Expanding skills to approach living intuitively & working with current Cosmic Energies.

Throughout the course journey you will receive the expertise of facilitator Susan Rudd who is working strongly in alignment with her Higher Self.
Susan has been working as an Intuitive and Healer on Sydney’s Northern Beaches for 30 years. Susan teaches Spiritual Development Courses, Ascension Meditation Classes & Sound Healing Events and she facilitates Sacred Site Journeys to Central Australia, Celtic Britain & France, Ireland & America.

Please email or call Susan for further information.
Email: angelsusan@bigpond .com.au
Mob. 0419792190

PAYMENT DETAILS Please include your name with your deposit.
BSB 112-879
Account Number 447 072 502

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