Free Fridays

With: Yolande Hyde
When: Friday January 31
Investment: FREE community event

Mother and Baby Yoga
In this months free session we dive deep into Strong Heart. The vascular great thing the holds both the harmony of the inner realms (via the circulation of the blood) and the strength of the radiance that penetrates the world around us.
Fire benefits all humanity as well as all life with heat, light and expression with its movement outwards and its expanding nature. While it can warm like a camp fire it can also burn all to fine ash, destroying the most valuable and precious, melting even the hardest metal.
It is a powerful benefactor and a merciless teacher all in the same moment.
In this Friday session we will be cultivating the Strong Heart by fortifying the outer ramparts such that the inner sanctum remains pure and unworried. From this vantage point we can temper and tune the inner chambers to their highest, clearest frequency – for love, compassion, connection and grace.
Guided Visualization and a little yoga will the focus of this practice. I hope you can join us.
Numbers limited | Bookings essential

Here’s the details;
All classes start at 6:15 pm
End time is around 7:45 when tea is served and conversations begin. If you have to go earlier that’s ok too.
To manage numbers we are asking every to please BOOK for these events on the link below.
There will be a donation box on the day for those who wish to contribute a little something.

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