Blissed Out Women’s Restorative Workshop

With: Nadine O’Mara

When: Saturday February 2nd 
4:00 – 6:00 pm

Investment: $35

Mother and Baby Yoga

There are many who believe that our natural state is bliss. Yet so rarely do we feel blissful! Part of this is recognising that the mind and body are not separate and we can not treat one without the other.

This restorative workshop is a chance to reconnect with the blueprint of our biology, healing both mind and body as they are one.




Through a sequence of nurturing yin and restorative yoga poses, mantra, meditation, journalling and use of essential oils, we look to awaken our feminine spirit and reclaim our sense of bliss.

You will also take home tools that you can use at home to move back to this blissful state  on a more regular basis, making it part of your life once again.  

Beginners, pregnant women and teenagers welcome.

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