Ardha Chandrasana Masterclass

With Yolande Hyde
Saturday April 28th , 4:00 – 6:00 pm
Investment: $35

yin yoga workshop

Ardha Chandrasana (are-dah chan-DRAHS-anna

Bright on the outer, deep and of the night on the inner – The half moon pose is the Queen of the standing family, illuminating our capacity to be both strong and flexible, soft and firm, light and grounded.

Like the moon on a cloudy night, its brilliance revealed only after the seeker has given over a patient wait.

The work required to take flight resides in the hips, obliques, shoulders and mid thoracic. The capacity to stay there and be still is the kingdom of Pratyahara – the cord that guides us in and down.

The pose is filled with paradox and contrast, our afternoon of theoretical and practical exploration of this brave and gentle shape in turn delivers balance, stillness and deep ease to its initiates.

Join us for a sweet and tender exploration of your brightens sans well as your depths.

Ardha Chandrasana Masterclass

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