3 Week Meditation Course

With: Jane Crosland

When: January 8, 15 2019
7.30 – 8.30 am

Investment: $60

Mother and Baby Yoga

Is 2019 the year you would like to commit to a regular meditation practice? 

For those who are new to meditation, this three week course will enable you to develop a daily practice. For regular meditators this course offers the opportunity to enjoy a skilled guided practice and the collective energy of the group.

The practices are rooted in the Buddhist meditation tradition of mindfulness, insight and loving kindness. We will work towards calming the mind and body to enable us to go deep within ourselves as it is only when we are quiet, that we can really hear.

Day one will set the foundations of beginning a practice, sitting, breathing and learning to relax. The foundation is then set for week two where will go a little deeper with practices that enable to us to gain insights into our true selves. Week three will focus on a beautiful loving compassion (metta) practice to open the heart. 

A series of guided meditations from the course will be available on MP3 to enable you to continue your practice at home.

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