Self Guided Practice

The Self Guided Practice courses have been the cornerstone of self-practice at this school for many years. Students begin the programme with a personalized 60 minute session with senior teacher Yolande Hyde or Jacqui Giluanno to set out the goals and a framework for a highly personalized yoga practice. In this session we discuss any relevant injuries or limitations and build the practice around the needs presenting at the time taking into account age, yoga experience and your personal goals.

The student then participates in one or two guided practice sessions each week and becomes witness to the transformation that is possible through yoga. These weekly sessions are not led by the teacher in a classical yoga group format. Each student will work on their personalized practice with instruction, adjustments and guidance from senior teachers along the way.

Self Guided Courses
Next 10 week course commences
Tuesday 2 February 2016 , 6:30 – 7:30 am (doors open 6:15am)
Thursday 4 February 2016 , 6:30 – 7:30 am (doors open 6:15am)

This program is ideal for those in injury rehabilitation or with limited range of movement or pain or for students looking to take an existing practice to a new level.

Self Guided Practice will help you to:

    • Create your own “self-practice”, tailored to your abilities and limitations
    • Pace your practice around your energy level, fitness and level of yoga experience
    • Target your injuries, illnesses and imbalances
    • Include pranayama, relaxation, restorative, meditation techniques.
    • Receive physical adjustments and support.
    • Boost your confidence and increase self-awareness.
    • A supportive and realistic class for those with physical limitation.


Self Guided Packages for 10 week term
one nominated day per week
Course only $180.00 / Private session and course $275.00
two nominated days per week
Course only $350.00 / Private session and course $395.00


Remember to book EARLY for this course, as your personal consultation must be scheduled a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the first class.

This course can be booked online or call to register call 9997 2121.