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Spring Detox Retreat 2016 detail TBA

Seasonal Healing.

If you’re stuck in a rut, struggling with ongoing health issues or needing to create a change and a fresh perspective then read on….
This specialized retreat aims to support the spring wood element thru diet, asana, cleansing and observation practices. Wood is related to the organ and meridian system of the Liver and its partnered organ the Gall Bladder and is all about forward movement and change.
In this season Wind is predominant, in our body, like in nature, this Wind element is strong, activating, quick moving and changing. The wind in nature is paralleled to the movement of energy and blood within and serves to sweep clear the debris of our old ways to clear and reveal your pathway forward for the future.Over 3 days and 3 night we will ground and consolidate then lighten and expand in a safe, supported and welcoming space.

The experience.
The goal of this season is to control the wind and to promote a free, calm, easy and smooth flow of energy, and to strengthen our defensive immune system by decluttering our internal landscape. This is important in order for the organs to continue to function in a healthy state, particularly the Liver and Gall Bladder which has an affinity (both good and bad) to this seasons’ affects. The liver is perhaps the most congested of all organs in the modern age. Too much fat, chemicals, intoxicants and unnatural foods all disrupt the delicate flow of the work of the liver. We know that a healthy liver establishes a smooth and soothing flow of energy and blood throughout the whole person, in both body and mind.

To work the 5 elements and to bring harmony to the liver we have to give the liver excess a place to go, to where it will flow naturally, to its own son, the heart. By strengthening the heart and encouraging it to receive energy, the liver is encouraged to release its excess which will in turn release the stress on the kidneys. The emotional transformation that takes place sees Livers resentment and repressed emotions being transformed into the joy and compassion of an open heart. When we take the time to reflect and align with our true work there comes to our lives an immeasurable and radiant joy. This retreat offers you a pathway to that fulfilment.

The flow.

The mornings will begin with a little gentle movement and guided mediation and cleansing breathing practices. Weather permitting we will take a walking meditation in the surrounding bush or we will rug up under the heaters in the yoga hall. Bliss. Breakfast around 8.30am is green and delicious. As is a little time to sit in the sun and read a book before Yoga. Midmorning Yoga practice commences at 10 am where we will move thru corrective and specific asana for detox and cleansing. This practice can be adapted to suit any level of student from beginner to advanced. Lunch is also green and delicious and usually taken with much delight in the sun on the wide verandas of the kitchen house. Herb teas follow lunch as does a little free time. For those interested there will be some seasonal workshops running in the afternoons on 5 element theory, food and nutrition. The evenings are a delightful blend of gentle restorative yoga, more delicious green food, guided yoga nidra or partnered massage classes.

From the kitchen.

Food and nutrition will be expertly managed by Sasa Schnider. Detox will be offered as a 3 tier program depending on the level of cleansing each individual seeks. In this specialist intensive we will work with the 5 elements to clear and detoxify the body with an introduction to a raw food diet which emphasizes the yang, ascending and expansive qualities of Spring- young plants, fresh greens, green smoothies, sprouts and young cereal grasses, vegetable broths and juicing.

The all-organic, vegan food offered on this retreat will be an outstanding highlight of the weekend. Not only do you go away deeply satisfied but you will gain an insight into how you can recreate this amazingly potent diet in your own kitchen.

Jacqui Giliano, raw food guru will be available for one on one nutrition programs over the 4 days of retreat. Bookings are essential at $90 per session. More information is available by calling Jacqui on 041 994 4120.

From the Yoga Hall

Yoga Asana and 5 element workshops will be guided by Lv3 yoga teacher, cranial therapist and 5 element yoga therapist Yolande Hyde and Jacqui Giuliano, level 3 yoga teacher, raw food expert and shiatsu practitioner. The group sessions will centre around opening of the heart channels and releases of the Liver and Gall bladder meridians to create flow and movement in the body. Breaking the physical structure out of the shackles of the winter months and moving energy to the extremities and beyond. Like green fresh shoots, the practice will be expansive and fluid. The classes are open to all levels of yoga practitioner from beginner to advanced.

To take home your own tailored yoga practice. Yolande will be available for one on one 5 element yoga therapy consultations at $90 per booking over the 3 days of retreat. More information about the yoga or therapy sessions can be sought by calling Yolande direct on 9997 2121.

Who is this experience for

All practitioners of movement, all seekers of change, all those ready to make movement and a difference in their lives.


Dates to be advised

You are welcome to arrive from 4pm on the Thursday with the opening circle and unwinding yoga practice commencing at 5.30 pm. The intensive concludes after lunch on Sunday with Sydneysiders usually home by 3 pm.
Private Rooms available @ $TBA pp


Bamarang Bush Retreat, Nowra.


$TBA for 4 pp share room or
$TBA for private room

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