Supta MatsyendrasanaWinter is coming to an end. We have had our time of rest and it is almost time to gently crack the cocoon open and come back out into the world. As Spring gets going it is possible to feel nature literally ‘vibrating’ with aliveness. There’s a lot going on in Spring and this high vibration can leave us feeling scattered. It is a time when we can feel very “busy” mentally.

The trick is to be aware of what’s going on (in nature and within our own selves). To be aware means we can make the most of this energy and CHANNEL it somewhere. This is the time! Put plans into action. The projects you have been sitting on…kick start them now. Nature will support you in moving forward at this time.

There are of course specific Yoga practices which can help us to find our balance too as we transition from one season to the next. If we speak of the body’s energy system in terms of meridians it’s the liver and gall bladder channels that need balancing out in the Spring. Liver meridian starts at the tip of the big toe, moves up the inner leg, entering the body at the groin, it traverses the liver and gallbladder and finishes at the eye. Gallbladder meridian begins at the outer corner of each eye and travels through the neck and down through the liver and gallbladder, it then moves along the outside of the hip and leg ending down at the fourth toe.

The posture suggested here: Supta Matsyendrasana stretches that whole outer hip area and involves a twist in the torso and neck. See if you can join the dots and imagine how the liver and gallbladder meridians might be affected in a helpful way with this pose.

To perform the pose:

~ Start lying on your back, knees in towards your chest

~ Extend your left leg straight out along the ground (use right foot on the floor to shift your pelvis one inch to the right)

~ Place the sole of your right foot flat to the left knee and slowly move the right leg across the body (coming into a twist) Keep the right shoulder and shoulder blade on the floor as much as possible

~ Reach with your left arm and use your left hand as a weight on top of the right knee to help keep the knee in position

~ Head stays on the floor and can be turned to the right (as long as it feels useful otherwise back of the head can stay against the floor)

Stay in the pose for 5-10 breaths

If it feels too strong:

Use a cushion or a blanket underneath the right knee for support

To come out of the pose:
Return to centre drawing the knees towards your chest

Repeat to the opposite side


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