Join us for one of our Yoga practice sessions in one of our two beautiful studio locations. All the timetables classes are group classes where student numbers can range from 4 to 6 for the special needs classes, up to our capacity of 20. The benefits of working in a group for practice are numerous and include participation with a group energy that uplifts and inspires, a consistent time and space for your practice and the all the benefits of a Yogic Sangha or spiritual seeking group.

All teachers at The Yoga & Health Collective have the highest standards of training and professional development, are registered with Yoga Australia, the peak body of the yoga teaching profession in Australia as well as members of their specific yoga branch associations.

Group Classses

There are many different styles of yoga that have evolved out of the Classical Hatha that is the foundation for them all. We teach in the lineage of Krishnamancharya and have sessions of yoga devoted to Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Japanese and classical Hatha as well as blended styles like yoga/Pilates.

Our group classes are divided into 3 levels of practice:

Beginners – Taught in group sessions as courses by the term or drop in classes week to week. We teach the foundations of practice in classes that move a little more slowly, offer more options as the pose builds, and in general avoid the trickier and more challenging versions of the pose. Great if your new to yoga, have limitations in the body or are returning to practice after a break.

General – These classes are for yoga students who have some experience of the basics of Yoga postures and breathe awareness. There are flow style classes, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Seasonal yoga, Iyengar and classical Hatha. Here the teachers will work into deeper poses or work on holding poses a little longer. Some modifications will be given but it will be assumed that the student has some knowledge about ways in which to modify for their specific conditions.

Experienced – These classes are for more experienced students and yoga teachers who know themselves and their yoga practice well and have a greater awareness of how the practice  might affect them. Students at this level are confident to make personal corrections to assist them to gain the most out of the class and avoid injury. Practice deepening courses as well as casual classes throughout the week and workshops during the weekends will be valuable experiences for the competent student.

Private Yoga

One on one yoga was the way yoga was first developed and the personal power gained thru individual practice has not diminished even though the nature of practice has evolved. All of the teachers at both our centers offer private sessions where a postural analysis and health assessment will inform a take home sequence.

Further to this we have senior teachers and fully qualified Yoga Therapists offering individual therapy  sessions to the student who is looking to the benefits of yoga for repair and recovery after illness or accident. Sessions such as these often include all the components of yoga and may address movement limitations, breath work, meditation and spiritual practices.

Theses practice sessions can then be continued at home or students can return for weekly or fortnightly sessions with their teachers. Discounts for packages apply.

Also on offer self practice sessions over 2 (and sometimes 3) mornings every term where students have a private session with Yolande Hyde where a personal practice is set. Students then attend the group sessions and practice their own sequences with a senior teacher there to guide and inspire.

Types Of Yoga

Hatha YogaThis is considered to be the first and purest form of yoga. Hatha has a balanced approached to all the elements of practice, not just Asana or physical practice. Expect to experience an equal attention to breathing techniques, physical movement and meditation. Some Classical Hatha classes will hold poses a little longer for you to experience the refinements, others will have a little Vinyasa flavour.

Ashtanga Yoga – Developed by K. Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga is usually presented as a set of postures known as the Primary Series. Physically demanding students move through a sequence of flows, jumping from one posture to another in order to build strength, flexibility and stamina. Not recommended for new or beginner students or anyone who’s been taking a leisurely approach to fitness, but appropriate for students who have had a few months on the mat. Ashtanga Yoga Practice involves combining the sequence of poses with Ujjayi Breathing and vinyasas (a flow of postures). This Yoga Style uses a system based on six series of increasing difficulty. Ashtanga Yoga practice will help you achieve increased strength, flexibility and stamina. The so-called Power Yoga is based on Ashtanga.

Iyengar Yoga  – Iyengar Yoga was named after B.K.S. Iyengar who is one of the best-known Yoga teachers and the creator of the most popular styles of Yoga in the world. Iyengar’s style is focused for great attention to detail and precise alignment of postures with the assistance of block props, straps and the rope wall. Postures are held longer and repeated several times to gain understanding and mastery. The props helps Iyengar Yogis to achieve the best possible pose for their body type and provide support to minimize the risk of injury.  Our Avalon studio is fully equipped for Iyengar practice and has the only rope yoga wall between here and the bridge. We offer amazing monthly rope yoga classes with our Iyengar teacher Jo Longhurst.

Dynamic Yoga – These classes are for more experienced students and yoga teachers who know themselves and their yoga practice well and have a greater awareness of how the practice might be affect them. Students at this level are confident to make corrections to assist them to gain the most out of the class. Practice deepening courses as well as casual classes throughout the week and workshops during the weekends will be valuable experiences for the competent student.

Meditation and Yoga Nidra – Casual drop in classes that are open to anyone that can close their eyes. The meditation practice is guided by meditation lecturer Jane Crosland and or Connie Robinson and runs every week to help keep your practice regular. Yoga Nidra is coined as Yogic sleep, a guided and complete relaxation practice ideal for those who do high intensity work or play. Our gentle yoga and yoga nidra sessions run every Sunday afternoon and aim to reset our systems for the up and coming week – a digestion of all that has gone and a clean slate for what’s ahead.

Pregnancy Yoga – One of the best ways to prepare for the birth of your baby is to undertake a regular prenatal yoga practice. We have a select team of highly experienced and qualified prenatal teachers working throughout both centres.  Prenatal yoga is a preparation for the physical body with focus to the opening and stabilizing of the hips and lower back, for the pranic or breath body as we work on shoulders, chest, upper back and lungs. Prenatal yoga offers a platform for the breath techniques that still the mind and assist us to reach that place where we fold into the experience of birth rather than pushing it away. Lastly, this type of yoga also brings together like minded folk and is the basis for a yoga sangha or spiritual group.  To read more about what we offer for prenatal yogis check out our pregnancy and birth page.

Restorative Yoga – These all levels classes are wonderful way to move an unwilling body, calm the mind and develop deep and calm breathing habits. Loved by many, these popular classes are often fully booked. Great for seniors, those whose work or play schedule is gruelling and those looking to return to practice or recovering from an injury.

Rope Wall Yoga – A very popular and deeply releasing Iyengar method taught out of our Avalon studio. Students gain perfection of poses inside a supported space, finding a deeper expression through a fuller asana experience. Loved by those who have back injuries and especially craved by those with scoliosis or disc damage. Open to all levels. Bookings are required for these classes.

Seasonal Hatha YogaBased on the system of the five elements, seasonal yoga offers a deeper understanding of how the body, mind and spirit work in Yoga practice and in life. There are five distinct elements of cyclical change called water, wood, fire, earth, and metal and 12 meridian systems which are located, strengthened and released thru specific Hatha Yoga postures, combined harmoniously to create seasonal yoga. Seasonal yoga celebrates the order of nature – A seed planted in spring blooms in summer, seeds itself in late summer to autumn, dies in winter, and a new seed grows again in spring. It is part of a never-ending cycle and each phase has its role to play in maintaining the balance of nature. The same process of change occurs within the body. Cells grow and die to make way for new cells, and body systems depend upon each other in a similar way to the seasons, working together to ensure the balanced functioning of the body, mind and spirit and the healthy flow of life through the whole person.

Vinyasa Yoga  – Vinyasa is a general term that is used to describe many different types of classes. Vinyasa means breath-synchronized movement. As a style it tends to be a more vigorous and is based on a variation of a series of poses called Sun Salutations, in which movement is matched to the breath. Vinyasa often involves creative sequencing by the teachers but its overall aim is to use heat and movement to systematically open and tonify the body, deepen the breath and calm the mind.

Yoga / Pilates – Floor-based, no-impact corrective bodywork, targeting the core stabilising muscles used for sitting, walking and moving. It builds it’s suitable for couch potatoes to Olympians and is especially good for assisting the healing of injuries. Tone your abs, stretch your hamstrings and help cure – or prevent – back injuries. Our Yoga/Pilates blend classes are the perfect combination of Pilates conditioning and yogic asanas and breathwork for health and serenity.

Yoga Therapy – Great all levels classes focusing on the problem areas of hips, lower back and thighs on Thursdays and neck, shoulders and upper back Tuesdays. These classes are specific with a therapeutic flavour that targets these 21st century problem, areas. Join us for these 60 minute classes, all welcome including those in rehabilitation.

Hips, lower back and belly / This is a class designed for those who are looking to balance the effects of sitting or standing for long periods of time. Great for those working in an office or spending large amounts of time driving. The focus on the class will be to release the hips, psoas and sacral edges so that the lower back can open and let go. We will also work to strengthen the upright muscles of the lumbar spine to help the spine rise up out of the hips without pain. Great for anyone who suffers chronic back pain or those who feel that weakness in the back and core are contributing to postural misalignments.

Neck shoulders, upper back / This is a class to counter the alignment anomalies that occur in the neck shoulders and upper back thru computer and devise use, repetitive movement or postural habit. The sequences in this class target these upper back areas and are suitable for all level of student, including those with chronic injury or those in rehabilitation. A very gentle and accessible class. MORE