With Acupuncturist Sue Booth

So whats the right kind of tired and when is feeling tired a sign of something else? 

sleep rest winterI had a patient on Monday who complained about tiredness. We ran through the possible reasons but it made me think – What’s the right kind of tiredness or rather when is tiredness a warning sign that something bigger needs attention?

We all get tired in this crazy paced world we live in. We get tired because we take on too much, trying to meet deadlines or quotas, get disturbed sleep, or not enough sleep, or not enough iron or exercise or because we are getting old but here’s the thing – being tired all the time is not normal.

Common causes :  

1. Being Overweight – puts extra stress on our joints, hearts and lungs so that even sitting still our body is working harder.
2. Little or no exercise – it’s one of life’s ironies that to get more energy we need to exercise but we find exercise hard because we have no energy. Every time you exercise every cell in the body gets more blood, more nutrients – more energy.
3.  Low iron – common among vegetarians, women more commonly than men especially women with heavy periods.
4. High alcohol consumption- interrupts our sleep, decreases motivation and generally slows us down.
5. Poor diet – diets high in sugar and processed grains cause inflammation in the digestive system and this in turn can make our digestion sluggish, bloated and uncomfortable, this makes our bodies have to work harder.
6.  Depression – a common symptom of depression is fatigue.


* overweight
* reduced exercise
* heavy periods
* drinking alcohol most nights or binge drinking on the weekend
* eating sugar
* eating grains
* insomnia
* suffering from depression or anxiety
* working long hours and have difficulty leaving work behind.

If you have 3 or more of these symptoms you should see a health professional to get a suitable programme to get your energy back eg herbalist, naturopath or a nutritionist

If you are experiencing constant fatigue and have less than 2 of these symptoms it’s time to check in with the GP and have some testing done – it may just be your iron running a bit low but it’s always good to check this out.

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