With Nutritionist Nikki Wood 

  1. You’re beautiful just as you areMaharaja

Gosh if I had been taught this when I was a teenager! How much happier would we have been if we, as young adults, had an appreciation of just how amazing our body’s were. We would want to learn how to nourish it correctly and how to ensure that it received everything we needed to help it perform optimally. We would look in the mirror and love what we saw, instead of seeing each and every imperfection. We would want to challenge it so that it could grow, develop and flourish as it was designed to do. And we would respect it by ensuring that we didn’t harm it or that others didn’t treat us badly.

But instead we compare ourselves to our friends and images in the media (particularly social media) and we listen to our inner voice that tells us we are ugly, fat or worthless. What a crying shame and a waste of precious time and energy!

Imagine a world where teenage girls thought their body’s were amazing and strong. That it wasn’t about how much you weighed, how skinny your thighs were or how perky your boobs. As adults, we need to try to cultivate this world for the sake of our daughters and the whole of the next generation.

  1. We are not our thoughts

What if we realised that we are not our thoughts? That we are actually that part of ourselves that can ‘observe’ our thoughts? And that we have a choice – to listen and engage, or not? How much happier would we have been as teenagers when we could disengage from those thoughts that made us feel worthless, unlovable, unattractive, too thin or too fat, too tall or too short. If we could somehow harness those thoughts into positive thoughts about ourselves.  How much happier would we have been?

The truth is we are NOT our thoughts. The earlier we can learn and truly accept this, the better off the individual as well as society would be. Yoga teaches us that we are separate to our thoughts, and that we ALWAYS have a choice in how we react. In fact, this quiet ‘observing’ part of ourselves always knows the perfect response to every situation – we just have to quieten down the thinking mind long enough to tune in!

  1. There’s a little oasis inside us all

What if we discovered that there was a quiet place inside where we could go when we needed to be nurtured, to replenish and restore ourselves.  A place where we are free from the problems of the past and the pressures of the future.  A place where we are free from all responsibility.

What if this place existed deep within our hearts and was ours to tap into whenever we need to?

Well this is all true – we are not our thoughts, we are beautiful just as we are, and there is a little sanctuary inside us all where we can feel completely at peace.

So how do we do it?

Through the practice of yoga is a really good start!  Fortunately many schools now are incorporating yoga as a ‘sports choice’. Some schools offer ‘yoga unpacked’ in the form of ethics classes – an alternative to traditional religious classes. Here at the studio we run courses for teens and kids offering holistic practices for their bodies, hearts and minds in a gentle and non competitive format.

Want to try it for yourself first?  Head over to my short home practices page for some inspiration…

Alternatively jump across to my contacts page to start a conversation or book an appointment.

Nikki is in clinic Thursdays by appointment.


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