Yolande and Katherine are wonderful ambassadors for a healthy business model and their business Yoga & Health Collective deserves lots of votes for the local awards, I hope you would consider supporting them and placing your vote in their direction. Every time I walk into their business space, that they share with me and other practitioners, I feel so happy to be a part of their collective. They are supportive, caring, professional and nurturing to all the yogis, students, practitioners, and clients. This business is especially kind and caring to people that visit the Yoga & Health Collective for the first time, people who are seeking help to improve their well being, they host an extensive offering of health and wellbeing services as well as the amazing yoga classes. If you have never come up the stairs I encourage you to do so, then you will experience what I am talking about. Hope to see you one day upstairs at 2 Bungan St Mona Vale.... don't forget to vote for them. Jane Macnaught
Jane MacnaughtTranquillo Place
This place will change your life! A reluctant yoga virgin, my friend persuaded me to sign up to 14 days of unlimited yoga for $25, whilst I was visiting from the UK. My first week of classes were a battle; my typical high-adrenalin ‘gym, spin and smash it’ time had been replaced by lying on a mat in Savasana for what felt like forever. I wasn’t going to give up that easily so I continued with a variety of classes and teachers, day after day, until it clicked - I felt ‘the magic of yoga’, I’m hooked! Yolande and the team have built a fantastic space; home to a community with a beautiful spirit that I felt instantly part of. I have learnt so much about what makes yoga a truly special experience. I can’t recommend Y&HC highly enough, and I know I will miss it hugely when I return to the UK. I couldn’t have wished for a better introduction! Thank you for the opportunity, the inspiration and the memories. Namaste 🙂
Elaine Hart
My biggest apprehension before coming to Yoga for the first time was whether everyone would have been doing it for years and would be really good at it and that I would be the new kid on the block! This wasn't the case at all and I was made to feel very at ease. The most enjoyable thing about going to Yoga is the sense of well being I get both during and after the classes. I always feel like I am in very good hands with experienced and caring teachers. I would recommend Yoga and Health Collective as there are many varied classes to choose from, excellent teachers and the atmosphere is one of calm and caring. I feel like I have definitely improved. Namaste, Kerry
Kerry Dear
My biggest apprehension about coming back to do yoga after many years of not practicing was that I wouldn’t be able to keep up and do the poses anymore. I was very quickly put at ease doing Rosemary’s class on a Tuesday as she went out of her way to help with the postures,so I therefore gained confidence and was soon able to try other classes. The most enjoyable part of yoga is not only do you feel fantastic afterwards,all of the teachers and clients are very friendly and it’s not a competitive environment. I would say that all of the teachers in my experience are very helpful and I always have a positive yoga experience with no pressure to do anything I don’t want to. Namaste Vicki
Vicki Nadin
I didn't have any apprehension,but rather a hope to find a style of class and teacher I liked as I had done yoga before attending this centre. The most enjoyable thing about the centre is the classes .The regular classes I attend are high quality , well paced and professionally presented. The lovely energy in the newly set up centre is now an added bonus. The Centre now looks beautifully set up, inviting and very client centered. I have recommended the centre to a number if friends and they now come ! I conveyed that the standard of the teaching practice was a high quality , Staff were friendly and caring and that the yoga space was very well set up . Blessings Susan Rudd
Susan Rudd
I had an amazing osteo session with Mel Jhey at Yoga & Health Collective last week. Before my session I had so many aches and pains behind my shoulder (I hadn't even mentioned this but Mel found it!), low back and my wisdom tooth had been creating so much tightness in my jaw and head. I felt better on so many levels after the session and it is still lasting a week later. Thank you SO much Mel!
Paula Scollon
Yoga & Health Collective asked: Question #1: Do you remember what your biggest apprehension was before you came to yoga / before you came to our yoga space? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead? I was worried at first that the Yoga might be painful as I was unfit and inflexible. I didn't want to embarrass myself. It didn't come true but I was sore at times and had massages. I also had a very bad chronic neck that I was worried would be worse, but the instructor suggested alternatives which was really good. Question #2: What, specifically, is the most enjoyable thing about coming here, and why? Feeling of helping my body become and stay as strong and flexible as possible. Love the friendliness and the relaxation element too. Question #3: If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say? The centre is convenient as in the middle of Mona Vale. Instructors make individual suggestions and corrections as to the persons injuries and needs, and the classes are smaller than at a gym, so it is worth the extra expense.
Sally Kling