Releasing Tight Hips and Shoulders

With: Christina Pateras
When: 2nd May – 30th May (5 weeks ) 
Thursdays 7:30PM – 9:00PM
Investment: $120

Mother and Baby Yoga

This 5 week course will focus on releasing tight shoulders and hips.
These are two critical areas that are affected by poor posture, incorrect alignment, lifestyle habits, weak or tight muscles, age, stress, tension, injury, underuse and overuse.
Tight shoulders can cause pain or stiffness in your neck, shoulders, back and upper body.
Tight hips can cause pain or stiffness in your lower back, hips, gait, thighs, glutes, hamstrings and calves.
Most of us have experienced tension or tightness in one or more of these areas at some point in our lives and many of us live like this regularly.

Yoga is so helpful in releasing these areas!
W​hen they are mobile, stable and pain or tension free, we experience an increase in ease, range, grace and joy of movement which not only affects us physically but also mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Over the duration of the course, we will build our understanding of our genetic conditions, patterns, holding habits, imbalances, weaknesses etc and of how to address them thoughtfully and efficiently building from one week to the next. Students will be encouraged to track the yoga postures, releases and stretches that work best for them developing a mini yoga practice of their own which targets one or both areas whilst striking a balance between strength and flexibility, stability and mobility. They will also be encouraged to build the habit of doing this 10-15 min yoga sequence regularly so that they can feel the difference in their bodies & everyday activities.

Bring your questions, notebooks, specific sensitivities and challenges and let’s see if we can unlock them, infusing these critical areas with chi which then flows and affects into all areas of our bodies, minds and life.
These sequences lend themselves beautifully to an evening practice as they restore both body and mind to a sense of well being at the end of the day. By using rhythmic yang movement we release stagnancy, improve activity, build bone density & engage and strengthen muscles; by using yin postures we help prevent joint rigidity, nourish joints and meridians, release contraction which is sometimes very deeply stored whilst also cultivating the yin qualities of surrender and awareness.

We thus learn how to live in a body which is relaxed, capable and at ease and a mind which is clear, balanced and restful. This enhances our inner reservoir of balanced energy that then feeds, supports and enriches every other of our life, including our relationships, productivity and creativity. Finally,
Watch how you’ll sleep better on these evenings too!

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