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 It is said that life is a balance of holding on and letting go and this has never been as true as it is right now in the 9 global year of 2016 as it comes to a close.

If we try to move forward and hold on to the past at the same time, all we achieve is stagnation. In order to move forward we have to release our grip and Let Go of what is holding us back. It is fear of the unknown- fear of the  “ different” – that keeps us locked inside this painful self-destructive system.

One of the many functions of the vibration of a 9 year is to give us a jolt – to wake us up and make us look at what we have been unable or unwilling to see.

A 9 year places us on a journey of ever turning steps – on which we can never quite see what’s around the corner. Many of us will experience the feeling that everything is spiralling – sometimes onward and upward other times out of control.

Year 9 helps us to heal from past and present experiences.  The instability we have felt this year increases the opportunity for a positive change of direction – which is actually an increase of intelligence. When we learn from experience our minds are forced open by the vibrational movement of our emotions and this is how the “dumbing down” process is reversed.

9 is the number of transformation. We experience what we most need to learn  when 9 is active, personally and in the world at large – and this 9 energy affects different people in different ways.

Alternating sensations of anxiety and enthusiasm are to be expected and are often experienced simultaneously.

Each corner we turn each level of the spiral we encounter will bring us to a new experience for which we may not be prepared. But we have not travelled this far in the course of time without having what it takes to deal with it effectively. WE have all in our own way been calling for the change and this year 9 is an opportunity to increase our powers of independence and individuality – while maintaining all the love , life and liberty we can.

Be yourself , no matter who encourages you to be like them of like everyone else.

On reflection to the year coming to a close embrace the changes that have come into your life , the endings the transformations and completions .


Anita Wilson

Naturopathic Herbalist




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