6 tips to take really boost your spring
With herbalist & Naturopath Anita Wilson

spring blog anitaAs you transition from the cooler months into the warmer weather of spring listen to your body! Here are my 6 tips to use in making this transition.

1. Listen to your body

Ease out of your winter diet slowly, gradually integrating raw and cool foods back into your diet slowly

2. Take time for yourself

Every day take 15 minutes and do what YOU want to do to nourish yourself

3. Get yourself outside

Warmer weather makes it more fun to go outside and enjoy the amazing  outdoors we have on this peninsula.

Get your body moving while outside, walk by the ocean, in a park, bushwalking or cylcling these are such pleasurable things to do. Amazing what a bit of sunshine and fresh air can do to revitalize your winter body and bring back some of that zing!

4. Slow Down

You may have a spring in your step but that doesn’t mean you have to live in the fast lane. Be mindful in your day to day activities, eat slowly, live with an open heart and thoughtfully, take time to meditate.

  1. Indulge in healthy foods

Spring means gorgeous fresh produce and many new varieties of fruit and vegetables to introduce into your diet. Enjoy the variety of beautiful colours and experiment with combinations of vegetables .Raw juicing enlivens the body and is the 15 minute nutrient express to better health.

  1. Keep it Simple

We can complicate so many things in our lives, keep your foods real, fresh and wholesome, local and in season of possible. Visit the local markets on a Friday morning in Narrabeen

Yours in health,

Anita Wilson Naturopathic Herbalist is in consult Tuesday & Thursdays by appointment. 


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