Lifes Challenges Being a yoga teacher on Sydneys Northern Beaches has been an amazing journey of wisdom and discovery for me.  Seeing the same faces through the doors of our Mona Vale center every week has allowed me to get to know so many of my beautiful students.  What I am constantly blown away by, is the fact that each one of us has issues and challenges in life.  Sometimes those hills are so steep to climb that life tests us in the most hurtful way possible and then sometimes we find ourselves cruising down the valleys of life, revelling in joy and a feeling of being so alive.  What I have come to know in my journey is that it’s not the problems that break us but the way we handle those problems.  Some of us allow the challenges of life to pull us to our knees and take us to very dark places.  Others are able to put the problem into perspective and are able to use the challenge as a way of growing and making necessary changes to eventually surface at the other end in a far better place.  Change is very scary because we fear the unknown, but the truth of it is, that without change and taking risks, we stay stagnant and very accepting of relationships, jobs, situations that definitely need improving.

My favourite saying is, ‘’worry is energy spent in advance for something that has not quite happened.”’ 
Most of us are guilty of worrying for no reason.

 If you are going through something stressful, try turning down the volume on the situation to allow yourself some breathing space.  One cannot do problems all day and all night.  It affects our peace of mind and then our happiness.  Taking a good break from the issue is the best way of gaining more perspective on the problem.  And that’s where yoga plays its role.  By practicing yoga, we are so focused on the poses that our minds are forced to shut off those annoying voices.  By focusing on the breath, we distract ourselves from our problems and use the breath as a mantra to clear the mind.  This creates peace and an energized state to be able to face life head on.

Using asana as a tool to build balance, peace and harmony, we find ways of energizing the body and mind so that life becomes more of a celebration and less of a hardship.  Remember it’s the small things in life that bring the most joy:- a yoga class, a cup of tea, a good book, a chat with a good friend, a walk among nature, a swim in the sea.  When we are needing to climb out of a dark hole, we have to start with finding that joy in the small things – gratitude for the people, places and situations we have in our lives is a big step in healing.


Jenny Segail teaches open classes in our Mona Vale studio Monday and Thursday 6pm & Friday 8 am
Beginners course Mondays 7.30 pm



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