With Osteopath Dr Mel Jhey.

Here are a few things I have been able to help babies, children and teens with during my time as an Osteopath.

Osteopathy for ChildrenBabies: constant crying, reflux, colic, wry neck (torticollis), postural strains post birth (baby looks bent to one side), flat head, mis-shapen head after forceps delivery or vaccuum extraction, teething pain, sucking/attachment problems, hip dysplasia, constipation and post-birth general musculoskeletal check over

Children: aches and pains related to growing, stomach pain, headaches, glue ear, muscle strains from sports or play activities, co-management with Occupational Therapists for sensory processing disorders, problems with breathing mechanics and asthma

Teens: postural strain from carrying heavy back packs, study/exam stress, head and jaw pain related to braces or dental work, scoliosis, sports and dance injuries, help with stress reduction with emotional problems and depression (co-managed with GP’s, psychologist or psychiatrist), migraines and period pain


Dr Mel Jhey is in consult Wednesdays by appointment


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