Linda Rysenbry

Couples Therapy, Counselling & Holistic Mediation

Consulting: Thursday, Friday & Saturday.
Bookings essential, call 02 9997 2121.

Having had enough of the rat race and juggle of work and raising children.  Linda felt sure there had to be more peace and harmony in life than this. Her search led her to Nonviolent Communication (NVC) which immediately positively impacted her life and she then became one of Australia’s original 4 trainers accredited by the international Centre for NVC – training with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg himself.  Later assisting him in international training. Further inquiry led her to Emotionally Focussed Couple Therapy, developed by Dr. Sue Johnson.  Here she found the specialised training that is the cornerstone of her therapeutic work today. Linda is also a nationally accredited Mediator, LEADR Mediator and Brandon Bays Journey Therapist.  She is highly regarded in the field of couple and family communication and counselling, both nationally and internationally.

Amongst her clients Linda is known and respected for her tenacity and ability to enable folks to discover their unseen patterns that drive the disruption and reactivity in their relationship. She offers care and commitment to those she works with, enormous empathy and the seeds of hope into the most difficult situations.

Enabling people to see the beauty and humanness in each other, drop judgements and find safe ways to express their vulnerability thus drawing each other closer and into a new place of connection.

Linda’s passion and trust in vulnerable, honest, warm loving connections informs all of her work.  She is eternally confident about how even the darkest or stormiest of situations can transform to enable people to move lightly and lovingly forward. Linda is inspiring, brave and gentle hearted.  She holds the keys that facilitate lasting love for couples and families in need.

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