Jane Macnaught counselling PTSD mona vale


Treatments:  Individual Counselling, Grief and Loss,  Post-trauma support


Bookings are essential, call 02 9997 2121.

Jane is warm and compassionate. She approaches her counselling work understanding that people look for supportive, non-judgemental help with personal struggles, issues and problems.  Jane is offers specialised counselling knowledge and support; and creates a space where confidentiality is maintained and clients feel safe, calm, and peaceful. Her work is based on the person centred approach.

Read more about this approach here http://www.simplypsychology.org/client-centred-therapy.html

Jane has extensive specialised experience working as a counsellor within not-for-profit agencies that support refugees and asylum seekers.  This involves helping people heal from their refugee trauma experiences and the scars of torture, whilst they re-build their lives in Australia or, whilst they live within the Australian onshore and offshore detention system.

This unique and effective counselling work involves various cultures, languages, interpreters, and locations.  Jane explains that common clients issues include: depression, anxiety, family conflict, cultural clashes, daily coping strategies, nightmares, grief, loss, post-trauma-recovery, PTSD, sleeplessness, and a sense of loss of personal identity and purpose.

Jane has developed a creative approach to her counselling:

  • Offering warmth, understanding and empathy
  • Providing genuine and positive energy
  • Identifying existing strengths
  • Providing a reflective space
  • Compassionate group therapy
  • Giving non judgemental feedback
  • Facilitating creative techniques to rediscover your sense of self and meaning of life

It is these skills and this approach that Jane will introduce to her clients in Mona Vale.