ElephantPregnancy drops us into never before chartered waters and far from any coast line or familiar landmark. Sometimes it’s an easy float, watching the sky change, buoyed by the water around us and counting the moons as we drift, also there are times when its anything but. Housing another brings us into a more immediate and direct relationship with our bodies and hearts than many of us have experienced in life to date. This is a good thing and often translates as a profound shift for some women, for others it’s a smaller realignment, but no one gets away without noticing it. Women who have only ever traversed the familiar and culturally palatable services of the Western medical practitioner start to feel the limits of those services when compared with the depths of their experience in this ocean. In my first pregnancy, my doctor told me drink gallons of Gaviscon to control my uncomfortable reflux and acid indigestion, in contrast my acupuncturist recalibrated the balance in one session and I was symptom free for the remainder of my pregnancy. My doctor was great when I broke my leg but he let me down when the stratas of my energy field required repair, replacement and recalibration. The physicality of growing a baby in your belly is small in comparison with the journey of becoming a mother.   Many women find acupuncture a deep and sustained force in their pregnancy giving them a tangible life raft when the salty surface rises and the waves threaten to pull them down. Back ache, nausea, vomiting, varicose veins and babies who seem to be taking an extended stay ‘indoors’ are just some of the unpredictabilities that an acupuncturist can take on. Massage offers the tenderest of care to the most fraught and extended of bodies. Handing oneself over into the hands of a trusted massage therapist can be as liberating as it is relaxing and redefining. Many a tear has been shed on the table as you are taken on a journey of contact healing that touches you beyond the objective experience leaving you profoundly different. Fears, doubts, hesitations, all the built in uncertainties that come with being human are mapped in your body and carried around like baggage. It can take an intimate session(s) and a trusted pair of hands to open you, dust off your courage and belief in yourself and restore you to faith and grace. My doctor couldn’t do this, my massage therapist nailed it.

 Nutritionists, osteopaths, counsellors, yoga teachers and physiotherapists all offer the same holistic framework when it comes to the treatment of pregnant women and the growing of mothers. If you would like to try out any of these treatment options then you may be interested in the Pregnancy Package our practitioners have put together for you. Come to prenatal yoga, get a massage or see any of our therapists and you receive a 20% discount on any of your future services including yoga classes.
For many of us a door way opens into alternative therapies during these tender months, a pathway that becomes the cornerstone of the health of our families as we move forward into the landscape of parenthood.

Your Pregnancy Natural Health Package is available with any visit to the clinic or yoga studio.
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