With Meditation teacher Jane Crosland.

Spring Yoga Retreat Come to your senses this Spring in the Alps. We all know how profound the healing and restorative power of nature is. Studies have found that spending time in nature can, amongst other things, increase wellbeing; help alleviate stress, anxiety and depression; promote creativity; assist with recovery from mental fatigue; help restore attention; boost the brain’s ability to think; and stimulate the senses.

Scientists no longer assume that we have only five senses but that we actually have as many as 10 to 30. In a world in which many of us spend the majority of our time glued to a screen of one kind or another, we have a tendency to shut down many of our senses.

Hiking as a mindful practice is a perfect way to connect with our all of our senses, not only does stimulating our senses heighten our experience of the world around us, it helps calm our minds and relax the body. Helping us to connect with our true nature.

This Spring Yolande and I will be walking among the emerging spring landscape witnessing the winter snows melting as we take a Spring Yoga & Hiking retreat. There will be times during the day when we will walk quietly, focusing on being really present and aware of our surroundings, and times when we’ll chat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. Food will be local (where possible), fresh and vital and we will walk the seasonal path of the emerging plants animals and sentient beings in embracing spring and new beginnings.


Find out more about the Spring retreat by contacting us here for everything you need to know before we depart. Single, share and twin share options are available all in a deluxe and spacious setting. With the late snow this season this retreat is sure to be very special and life path affirming experience.

Book your spot today.


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