Mel Jhey

Osteopath & Cranio Sacral

Qualifications:  Bachelor of Clinical Sciences and Masters of Osteopathic Medicine
Consulting: Wednesday

Booking – 02 9997 2121


Melissa holds two university degrees including a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences and Masters of Osteopathic Medicine majoring in Human Structure and Function and Osteopathic Studies.  She is a member of the Golden Key Honours Society and has a background in competitive powerlifting and teaching yoga.

Based in Sydney, Melissa has worked with corporate clients, expectant mothers, athletes, yoga enthusiasts, children, tradesmen and our elders. She has a keen interest in and experience in treating children, babies and teens and a passion for treating pregnancy related pain and women’s health issues. Melissa has been successful in helping many families on the Northern Beaches and the wider Sydney area to overcome pain, headaches, injuries and limited movement enabling them to continue with or return to their favourite sports and hobbies.

Melissa uses a structural approach to treatment including techniques such as high velocity thrust, joint articulation, soft tissue massage, stretching and muscle energy techniques. She has a strong focus on obtaining a correct diagnosis and uses biomechanical, orthopaedic and neurological testing and expert palpation skills to do so. This ensures that the root cause of discomfort and pain in the body can be addressed and corrected.

In her spare time Melissa enjoys spending time with her family (especially her eighty-eight year old Nan), practising yoga, recording music, being outdoors, learning to play the drums and cooking.