Meditation – Mona Vale

Many of us, as we work away on our computers and devices, know that life lacks balance and symmetry that our bodies and our minds are suffering as a result of these shortcomings. Like a life hack, we are being essentially undermined. Anxiety, depression and uncertainty rule the mental landscape of many of us in ways that have not, up to this point in history, been observed before. We are living in new and unpredictable times and it’s no wonder that we are harking back to an ancient method in order to find a way forward.

Meditation practice is old news, but having travelled the gamut of time, space and the human condition it has remained as the critical cornerstone of practice for householders and seekers alike. Meditation is becoming increasingly available in the west having shaken off its esoteric, other worldly cloak to become a mainstream practice recommended by doctors and practiced by lawyers. Its benefits becoming the everyday discussion of many ordinary folk.

Since 1930 there has been over 1500 separate studies related to meditation and its effect on practitioners, some of the tabled results include:

  • Heart rate. Respiration, blood pressure and oxygen consumption all significantly decreased.
  • Overall meditators are less anxious and nervous with 60% of sufferers reporting marked improvement in anxiety levels after 6 months of practice.
  • 75% of insomniacs who undertook a daily practice were able to fall asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed.
  • Production of cortisol (the stress hormone) decreases
  • Women with PMS found symptomatic improvement within 5 cycles.
  • The risk of heart attack or stroke was lowered by 8 – 15% due to the measured reduction in thickness of the arterial walls.
  • Chronic pain sufferers found the practices indispensable in their arsenal of pain management tools.
  • Practitioners are physiologically younger by 12 – 15 years.


The benefits of the practice are here in these research statistics and in the anecdotal evidence provided thru the direct experience of meditators, contemplators and reflectors. Meditation stands alone as it pioneers the way forward for those seeking the balance and stillness at the eye of the technological storm. A means by which we can filter the onslaught of information and make sense of the world.

To this end we now have on offer meditation courses and drop in classes for beginners and experienced meditators alike. We hope you can join us: