Katherine Corbett

Co owner. Admin gun.

Katherine Corbett has had more than twenty years’ experience as a personal and executive assistant. She has worked for many different companies, from small businesses to international corporations; and with all this know how comes a confident “can do” attitude.

She started yoga around 5 years ago and actually had her first class at The Yoga & Health Foundation, when it was known as A Fine Balance. Her passion for yoga and the focus and confidence it gave her was the driving force behind owning her first business, Go Kat Go Business Services in Avalon. She still looks after some of her favourite clients, balancing that with the joys and challenges of running all the administration at The Yoga & Health Foundation.

Katherine loves the challenge of learning something new, from Yoga to complex computer systems and operations. This drive and enthusiasm is what brought her to consolidate her skills and interests in the purchase of this centre in early 2015. She brings with her a wealth of management skills, a bubbling brook of ideas and a fountain of energy for them all.

After purchasing her Thermomix she found a new passion for clean food. Buying anything in a packet has become a big no no. Now she prides herself on her Kombucha brews, her raw food bliss balls and her weekend cook ups. She also loves to talk recipes and new food ideas.

When Katherine is not tapping at the keyboard in the office, she loves to spend time on her motorbike. Riding a 600 GSXR Suzuki, Supersport she is often on the stretch between here and the North Coast. Apart from yoga, this is her meditation. That helmet goes on, and she is untouchable. Bliss!

Katherine has enough energy to power a small nation. Keep your running shoes nearby, so you can keep up.

Katherine is here 5 – 6 days a week from 8.30 till sometimes way into the night.