With Fertility Acupuncturist Sue Booth

Acupuncture as a fertility treatment option has long been the go to as families try and navigate this preciousMother & Child time. More recently with the rise in accessibility of IVF there has been much research to support the effectiveness of an organized acupuncture program done in conjunction with your IVF cycles. Sue Booth, acupuncturist and midwife takes an eagles eye view of this process and shares a snap shot of just whats involved.

When to come:

1. Ideally you give yourself plenty of time to get your body into the best possible place for IVF success.
Regulating your cycle or reducing  symptoms you might have at period time means that your hormones are working better. Increasing your energy and blood flow means the ovaries and uterus are better nourished. Reducing your anxiety or irritability puts you in a better place mentally to face the road ahead. I recommend you start treatment 6 weeks before IVF starts.

2.  Pre and Post embryo transfers.

Well documented evidence supports the fact that acupuncture  before and after an embryo transfer increases pregnancy rates. Recent studies also suggest that stress at time of implantation can reduce pregnancy rates by up to 40%. Acupuncture works wonderfully well to reduce stress. I recommend you come for pre and post embryo transfer treatment the day before or day of procedure and as close to the day after transfer as possible.

3.  Post embryo transfer and up to 8 weeks of pregnancy you can support the embryo with acupuncture during this crucial time. Acupuncture can help nourish the embryo and keep everything running smoothly until your pregnancy is well established.

My job is to maximise your potential

Sue Booth is in clinic 5 days a week by appointment on 9997 2121


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