Namaste with Maurice Eberlein To have this amazing gift within our yoga practice that allows us to free the natural flow of energy within the body in order to bring about changes in the physical, emotional and spiritual self.

These are changes that connect us deeply to our physical heart space, changes that allow us as yoga practitioners to open this big door that is within us so we can share our emotions, love for life, joy and excitement.

These are all important emotions which allow us all to connect with others more openly, sincerely and honestly.

In today’s society the quality of these connections are becoming harder to find, this is due to people in general becoming more and more immersed with the implementation of online  communities which have greatly reduced that important face to face interaction. This is an interaction we all need as humans beings to be able to learn and feed on the other people’s energy and what better way to be part of a yoga community that allows us all to do just that.

No expectations, no judgment but rather just the will to help each other grow with love and joy while making a connection with other people in a healthy and happy way!

I am due back teaching back in Sydney after travelling around Australia for 6 months and just can’t wait to share with Yoga and Health Collective community my experiences while traveling around Oz.

Viva La Yoga

Maurice returns to the mat Tuesday January 10th @ 10.30 am. Come and join us for what promises to be a joyful reunion.

Catch Maurice weekly:
Tuesday 10.30 am Easy Hatha
Wednesdays 11.15 am Restorative

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