An app review with Kate Dutton

meditataionHeadspace is fabulous little app with a whole lot to offer.  It is a simple way to bring meditation and mindfulness into your life and one that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime for as little as ten minutes a day.

This app is one very close to my heart and a real sanity saver!  After struggling with severe Anxiety for many years, Headspace was recommended to me as a way to help me cope with my panic attacks.  Its effects have been nothing short of life changing and much, much more than a coping mechanism.  It has helped me develop a healthy approach to my feelings and thoughts, understand the mind a whole lot better and create a daily meditation routine.  There is so much to be gained from this app and with regular development, research and updates available, it always has something new to explore.

So, what is mindfulness and how can it help?

Originally an ancient Buddhist meditation technique, mindfulness has evolved into a range of therapies and courses focussing on being aware of the present moment and simply noticing thoughts and feelings as they come and go.  Among mindfulness and meditations many boons, are the proven life changing benefits of reducing stress, helping you sleep better and maintain happier, healthier relationships, managing anxiety and sharpening concentration.

How does the Headspace app work?

The Headspace app is free to download from iTunes, Google PLAY or can be accessed from your PC –   It offers 10 free sessions to help you develop a regular practice.  It is designed for everybody, no matter your background or what you do.  Each lesson guides you through the meditation process, building on the previous session and includes fantastic little videos to explain key points along the way.  It is extremely user friendly, informative and fast.

The app includes bite-sized mini meditations for when you are short on time, exercises to bring mindfulness to everyday tasks, dozens of meditation packs for all aspects of your life and even SOS meditations to help you through an immediate crisis.

In app purchases are available which allow you to continue your journey by the month, year or forever!  The first 10 lessons are free to use repeatedly but you will soon find that the beautiful simplicity of it will have you hooked, happy and finding some head space!


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