Lunchtime meditationYour Adrenal glands are two tiny pyramid shaped pieces of tissue situated right above the kidney. Their job is to produce and release certain regulatory hormones and chemical messengers.Adrenaline is manufactured in the
interior of the adrenal gland. Cortisol ,the other chemical from the adrenal gland,helps us handle long term stress.Adrenaline and Cortisol help control BP,Blood sugar and central metabolic functions.High levels of stress leads to adrenal burnout,the adrenal glands deplete the bodies hormonal reserve. Overproduction of adrenal hormones can also weaken the immune system.

Restorative Yoga can help treat Adrenal Exhaustion.
Yoga has a positive effect on the reduction of long term stress and anxiety caused by our fast pace of living.Restorative yoga, breathing exercises and other relaxation practices can be done no matter how tired you are.They help rejuvenate you.Most of us have been living with our stress-response turned on most of the time,burning the candle at both ends.The adrenal glands weaken after years of working on over drive .The effect is that our bodies are in a constant state of tension, ready to fight or flee.To keep up with the hectic pace of life,many people with adrenal fatigue become accustomed to ignoring their body’s message about the need to slow down. The body’s capacity to heal is compromised,either inhibiting recovery from illness,or creating a new one .Restorative Asana Practices-include blankets ,blocks ,bolsters and straps and essential props used in restorative practices. They help us with passive supported backbends ,forward bends, lateral stretches and twists allowing the chest ,back body and side body to expand without physical effort,it opens the body and mind to stimulating effects of the pose without draining the low reserves of energy. As props support your muscles and bones,the nervous system begins to calm ,layers of tension melt away and you learn to be present to what is happening with the body, breath and mind.

The Breath Body
Breathing practices suchas Ujjai breath, Diaphragmatic breath, Alternate Nostril breathing enhance the Prana, Chi, in the body. Calm Breathing practices activate relax and digest response bystimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Energy Modulation
1.Collect your energy, -Through our yoga and pranayama practices we collect all the energy /prana ,we want,but we have to prevent it from leaking out,by being conscious of sensory input and output.What we take in through
the five senses.

2. Contain your energy -Build up your energy reserve,so that during stressful times we can tap in to the reserve of prana.

3 .Circulate your energy.- the ability to use our energy mindfully.Allowing the subtle energy to move through the body and not get blocked.

Deep Relaxation {YOGA NIDRA or iRest}- to reverse well established habits of holding tension in our bodies,we work with systematic relaxation practices.PMR or progressive muscle relaxation ,Yoga Nidra,and iRest are practices that range in complexity from simple tension /relaxation exercises to techniques that require moving our attention through the body methodically,usually while resting in shavasana[corpse pose]. For the duration of the practice, we withdraw our attention from everyday events, plans, worries,checklists and focus on moving our awareness calmly and quietly from body part to body part. Relaxation practices allow us to channel our energy flow, in order to heal our bodies.

Meditation-The goal of meditation isn’t to control your thoughts.Its to stop letting them control you.The more we practice meditation ,the more we are able to discriminate between what is real and what is not.Once we have regular practice ,we begin to see that almost everything that triggers our nervous system is habitual overreactions.

The combination of Yoga, Deep relaxation and meditation is a holistic alternative to dealing with Adrenal fatigue.The quieting of the mind that yoga facilitates will help you tune in to the messages you may have been unable to hear due to stressful living.A regular practice, 2 to 3 classes weekly is highly recommended to restore the body’s natural rhythm.


Connie teaches a restorative yoga, yoga nidra and meditation class every Sunday 4.00 – 5.15 pm. Book here

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