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FEAR – Forget everything and run!

FEAR – Face everything and rise!



Yep, I hear you… Choice? Choice? Seriously?

Most anxieties & phobias start with fear & continue to cause fear, once gripped with fear, reading quotes like “Fear = Forget. Everything. And. Run. OR Face. Everything. And. Rise. – the choice is yours” can be infuriating & make you feel even more debilitated.

If you are already consumed by fear, anxiety or a phobia, choosing to “face & rise” feels WAY out of your reach & in fact until you understand the source of your fear, why it came about in the first place, how it’s driven you & why it’s ruled you, your ability to choose to rise is almost non-existent.

Positive self-talk is vital given our experience is based on the words we say & pictures we create in our minds, both good & bad…

However positive talk alone rarely solves the problem, it’s kind of like painting a poorly prepared surface, sure it can freshen things up temporarily but the effects aren’t lasting. The prep work is VITAL if you want to truly overcome something.

Deep understanding is the prep work for lasting results…

Until you UNDERSTAND why you feel what you feel, react the way you react & experience what you experience, it’s near impossible to “Face. Everything. And. Rise” with understanding, the ability to choose is available to you.

Fear is a healthy emotion & is there to keep us safe, as you likely know, it triggers our natural fight or flight response ie rise or run…

Its purpose is to help us navigate life as safely as we can but it’s easy for this response to get out of whack & destroy our ability to navigate. We can get stuck in Flight/Run… Given it’s no longer as clear as RUN from the lion (he will eat you) or RISE against the deer eating your crops (you can chase him away), our reactions become confused & we attach RUN to much smaller issues but the FEELING is NOT smaller, the exact mind/body response of running from a lion can occur. It’s exhausting when every day seemingly small events/circumstances are absolutely debilitating & are literally as terrifying as being chased by a lion. Not only does it stop you from living the life you want, it leaves you feeling “different” & not as capable as others, thus perpetuating your fears.

The wonderful news is that balance can be restored & you can be FREE from these misplaced perceptions, giving you back the absolute power to choose to FACE & RISE.

I’d love to help you find understanding & help you be free from the fears that are holding you back.

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