Shelley & Jason

Shelley McConaghy and Jason Engelbrecht
Energy balancing
Consulting: Sunday’s
Bookings are essential on 0412 91 91 36

  • Crystal healing
  • Polarity therapy
  • Reiki
  • Kurradji traditional healing techniques

Energy balancing using crystal healing, polarity therapy, reiki, and inherited Kurradji traditional healing techniques.

Qualifications and professional affiliations

Shelley McConaghy:

  • Diploma of Polarity Energy Balancing
  • Second Degree Usui Reiki
  • Certificate in Crystal Healing
  • Angel Intuitive™
  • Member of the Australian Reiki Connection (ARC), Association of Australian Reiki Professionals (AARP), and International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT)

Jason Engelbrecht:

  • Inherited Kurrudji (traditional Aboriginal) healing practices
  • Second Degree Usui Reiki
  • Certificate in Crystal Healing
  • Member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT)

Jason and Shelley are partners in life and in business, and they provide duo-practitioner energy balancing sessions for relaxation, pain relief, and to promote the body’s innate healing response. You can choose whether to have a healing session with either, or both of them.

Your batteries will be recharged in fully-clothed comfort on a massage table or reclining chair depending on your mobility. Crystals will be placed in your hands, underneath the table, and on your body. The session itself will then incorporate techniques such as yogic breathing, polarity energy balancing, Kurradji traditional healing techniques, some shamanic practices, sound healing, and gently relaxing reiki holds.

In this nurturing, safe environment, your energy field is gently cleared of the ‘debris’ that can lead to ‘dis-comfort’ and ‘dis-ease’ in the physical body. Your chakras and aura will be balanced, and you will leave with renewed vitality.

Client testimonials

“I have experienced two healing sessions with Jason, for two very different reasons, but the shift I felt on both occasions was extraordinary. The first involved chronic pain in both shoulders, but after Jason’s healing I felt instant release and incredible movement in both joints – and also had the best night’s sleep in a very long while. The second was for a white-tail spider bite that was sore and irritating, and also a source of worry for me because it was taking so long to heal. All I can say is that I physically felt Jason drawing the pain from my arm like a thread, and had no further irritation – or anxiety – after that day. Jason’s way is unlike anything I have experienced before: he brings an incredible presence together with ancient wisdom and his own intuition. Don’t hesitate – you will feel safe and healed in the space he creates.” Janet

“I saw Shelley for healing at a time of many endings in my life. She was kind, gentle and most of all intuitive and without ‘ego’ – it undoubtedly worked because since then I am kinder to myself, am making better decisions and am sleeping the best I have in years.” Mel

“Shelley’s intuitive combination of the reiki healing energy and polarity balancing techniques have brought great benefits into my life and the readiness of the arrival of my child.” Elissa

“With just one session with Jason I found relief straight away. I was suffering from frozen shoulder, and had been told by my orthopaedic surgeon that I’d need to sit it out…the pain that is. Jason however was able to give me marked improvement in my rotation and I’m now able to sleep on both sides comfortably. Thanks Jason.” Shane

“Shelley’s work impressed me on multiple levels, she has a very professional, warm and welcoming nature. I have exhausted myself from a busy lifestyle, juggling full time work, studies, a business and I had hardly any energy left. Seeing Shelley just for one session has taken care of that – I feel ‘recharged and clear’ to accomplish everything I need to and will see Shelley in the future for more sessions. Shelley I really appreciate your help. Thank you!” Erika

Your session

Allow 1.25 hours for your appointment to give yourself the space for integration at the end of your healing session. Try to arrange your schedule so you can take it easy afterwards.

Prepare for your session by drinking plenty of water, and wearing comfortable clothing. Being well hydrated will assist the body in ridding itself of any old energies that will inevitably be released during your session.

For your first visit, please arrive 10 minutes early.

When booking, please advise whether you would like your healing session to be with Shelley, Jason, or both, so they can prepare accordingly.

2017 pricing

Single-practitioner sessions:

  • $100 for your initial session
  • $80 for subsequent sessions
  • $60 concession card holders

Duo-practitioner sessions:

  • $130 for your initial session
  • $110 for subsequent sessions
  • $80 concession card holders

Payment can be made on the day of your appointment by American Express, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, bank transfer, or cash.

About Shelley

Shelley has always known she was here to serve humanity. Finally, in her mid twenties, at a crystal healing workshop, her mission started to become clear.

Shelley has a reverence for the human experience, and a respect for the uniqueness of everyone’s journey. Using a light touch and the strategic placement of crystals, Shelley brings into balance the energy currents of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. The experience is akin to pushing the reset button.

As an Usui Reiki Practitioner, Polarity Therapist, Crystal Healer, and Angel Intuitive™ she provides her clients with a breadth of knowledge, and a dedication to facilitating their healing process. A process that Shelley is adamant, is all about them, not about her.

Shelley has spent many years practicing meditation and yoga, doing her own inner work, and absorbing the wisdom of spiritual teachers such as Guru Shakti Durga, Caroline Myss, and Julie Collet, and became an accredited Angel Intuitive™ with Doreen Virtue Ph.D on the first Angel Intuitive™ course held at sea.

She doesn’t have all the answers, and she certainly hasn’t finished being challenged by life, but she’s willing to share what’s worked for her.

About Jason

Jason is an Aboriginal Medicine Man conduit, who facilitates healings on a cellular level, when his clients are open and receptive. Jason likes to work interactively with his clients regarding the sensations they’re feeling, and to continue the dialogue throughout the healing to achieve the best results.

Embodying earth medicine in the form of inherited Kurrudji healing abilities, Jason uses crystals, traditional Aboriginal medicine practices such as pressure point massage and sound healing techniques to cleanse the aura and balance the chakras, remove unwanted energies, and reset the body’s cellular memory.

These techniques prompt the body’s innate ability to heal itself from ailments such as arthritis, chronic pain, and lift the effects of trans-generational trauma.

About Divine Balance™

Mission: Helping humanity to heal and achieve balance, because we’re all here to shine our light into the world.

Established by Shelley McConaghy in 2003, Divine Balance™ was created to help people find balance and peace in their lives. For the first 13 years Shelley provided her clients with single-practitioner energy balancing sessions incorporating Usui Reiki, crystal healing, polarity energy balancing, and sound healing techniques.

In 2016 she began providing duo-practitioner sessions with her partner Jason Engelbrecht, which brings the addition of inherited Kurradji traditional healing techniques and some shamanic practices.

Please visit the Divine Balance™ website (link to to find out more.

For More information please see Shelley & Jaason website by clicking here