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Knees editedIf you’re running and playing football or on the slopes on your skis this winter you may be feeling your knees, and not in a good way. This short article  help from your Osteopath to look after your knees…!

With the onset of cooler weather in Winter – our knees can start to niggle if we have pre-existing knee conditions such as osteoarthritis and old injuries. It’s not just cold weather that can upset our faithful knees though – let me tell you about the knees I sees in the Osteo clinic…

One of the most common causes of knee pain I see in clinic in children is Osgood Schlatter’s disease. This condition causes the tendons across the front of the knee to micro-tear resulting in pain and in deformation of the top of the Tibia bone. Tight thigh muscles, rapid growth and overuse due to high levels of sporting activity and improper stretching maintain this disorder. Stretching the thigh muscles and stopping any aggravating sporting activity helps to relieve the symptoms of Osgood Schlatter’s. This can often times be frustrating to have to give up a favourite sporting activity however having an understanding of the importance of reducing the severity and preventing long term damage can often help to make this decision easier.

Osteoarthritis of the knee follows next with a loss of integrity of joint surfaces due to wear and tear. This causes pain and loss of function meaning that someone maybe likely to stop engaging in their usual social activities and sporting activities. It’s common as we grow older for our joints to begin to degenerate but it doesn’t have to mean giving up the things we like to do. Many times in clinic I have seen osteoarthritic knees and have been able to help clients keep moving well and overcome pain by working to release tight muscles in the leg both above and below the knee joint, in the hips and lower back. Osteoarthritis in the knee can be aggravated by long drives and long haul flights and I have helped many travelling relatives to keep moving well so they can play with their grandchildren whilst they are out on holidays.

Mechanical and structural injuries can wreak havoc on our knees too. Whether it is a meniscus (small shock absorbing pads inside the knee joint) tear or a ligament tear, these injuries can be excruciatingly painful and sometimes require surgery. When I see a knee injury in clinic, I always run a gamut of orthopaedic tests to narrow down exactly what structure is injured so I can make sure you have the right treatment and corrective exercises to help you recover or to refer you to an appropriate medical specialist for imaging and surgical management. Osteopathic techniques not only assist you to recover from injury but can help you pre and post operatively to reduce bruising and swelling sometimes associated with surgery so that you recover quicker and with less pain.

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