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EscherThere comes a time in your life when you know that the life you have been living until now is over and you don’t yet have a clue as to who you are becoming…

New beginnings and endings often come with feelings of apprehension and uncertainty, the foundations you had thought save and solid become shaky and insecure.

Starting something new can bring excitement and great opportunity for change, if we can simply embrace the fears we feel and move forward trusting we will be supported in our efforts to experience something new.

How we stay in the middle between indulging and repressing is by acknowledging whatever arises without judgement, letting the thoughts simply dissolve and then go back to the openness of the moment.

After a while that’s how we relate with hope and fear in our daily lives. Out of nowhere we stop struggling and relax, we stop talking to ourselves and come back to the freshness of the present moment and open to what life is presenting us.

You may instigate some of life’s beginnings & endings but often these simply happen on their own schedule. You may not be ready for something new but when it is time, it is time!

Letting go of the need to hold on to the past or attempts to control the future, this is the way forward. If we can simply open to letting things unfold, by allowing our feelings to be real without editing who or what we are allows a space to open and we are gently moved forward into new life experiences.

Anita Wilson
Naturopathic Herbalist

Anita is consulting Tuesdays and  Thursdays by appointment.


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