Belly Centre from Melissa Jhey the Osteopath

melonWhat does the word belly conjure up for you? Do you think of a pregnant belly? A pain in the belly? Eating delicious food with family and friends and feeling full in the belly? Perhaps a belly button? Deep belly breathing?

The belly to me is an important area of the body where a lot of things happen not just with just a general sense or with emotions but deep within the organs, the lower spine, the abdominal fascia, the lower ribs and the pelvic bowl, pelvic floor and diaphragm.

Things that come to mind for me as an Osteopath when I hear the word belly are helping women with pregnancy pain and preparation for labour with a gentle belly lift (those of you who are my pregnant clients will know this one!) Releasing fascial attachments deep in the belly that are connected to the lower spine to relieve back pain and digestive complaints. Working with the large nerve centres in the belly to ease discomfort in the abdomen. Softening the diaphragm to ensure there is a gentle rhythmic wave pulsating through the body with inhalation and exhalation to promote good lymphatic function. Softening the muscles of the hips so that the pelvic organs can function optimally. Releasing the joints in the lower spine so that there is good nerve function and blood supply to the pelvic organs.  Gentle treatment of a baby belly to help with colic or reflux.

Perhaps after reading this you may think differently about what the word belly means to you? Take a moment to consider how our amazing our bodies are – such an intricate web of interconnected structures yet a strong machine carrying us through our daily activities. Maybe you have a pain in the belly you need some help with – you might be surprised to find out it’s coming from your spine or vice versa – belly to spine!

a word from Mel The Osteo (Jhey)

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