Every beginner that walks through the door of a studio holds a truly unique gift in their hand; The Beginner’s Mind.

Beginners mind blog feb 2017In those first days as a teacher I was perhaps as nervous with anticipation as some of the students.  Wide-eyed, a little unsure of where to put my mat and with my breath hiding, curled tight in my chest.  Then with my first steps onto the mat and into the role of teacher, I again found my peace and my joy, my breath and my confidence as I began to share the beautiful practice of yoga with the people before me.  It is such a delight to teach, to share knowledge and experience the journey with each student; each person on their path and experiencing yoga again for the first time in years or perhaps, for the first time ever.

Each group of people arrives with an attitude of openness, eagerness and sense of curiosity to the possibilities that await, bringing a beautiful energy to the room.  This open approach to something new, this Beginner’s Mind, allows all to learn and experience yoga in a way that leads to a growing awareness of themselves and the practice.

“In a beginner’s mind there are many possibilities but in the expert’s there are few”
– Shunryu Suzuki

The classes are a little slower and provide a comprehensive introduction to yoga, they begin to lay the foundation and good habits for a long and happy practice.  The pace allows individuals to explore the best way to inhabit each pose (asana), how to enter and exit poses safely and how to find a sense of stability and connection.  With 11 classes to choose from, dedicated teachers and students with a curious mind, it is little wonder that we can see a developing sense of awareness, an awareness of self which will inevitably lead to self-growth.  Not only do I see this growth on each mat in the room but I am keenly aware of my own awareness expanding.

For many of those involved, the opportunity to attend any and all of the Beginner Classes combined with the enthusiasm and eagerness of a beginner’s mind, has given rise to an intention to practice two, three and even four times a week.  This wonderful opportunity slowly leads people into a regular practice and with luck, back into my classes for you see the friendships and human connection that occur during this time are perhaps my favourite happy coincidence.

Sharing yoga with students in the Beginner’s Course and making a connection has reawakened my own sense of curiosity, my beginner’s mind.  Reminding me that life is full of truly wonderful experiences, if you are only open to receiving them.

Kate teaches on our beginners course program
Fridays 5.30 pm
Saturdays 6.30 am


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