I experienced the depths and possibilities of Ishinees KaHuna massage several years ago at a fractous and transformational time in my life. My shoulder and neck were tight, a friend suggested I see Isheeni, I left her clinic feeling like my soul had been touched. I was stripped of the grit and grind that had been stuck in my inner spaces, I felt like someone had picked me up, turned me around and said “This is the way you need to go now”. When Isheeni approached us and inquired after massage space I was honoured to be able to host this incredible practitioner and share the benefits of her talents and her capacity to hold space with all the Community here at the Collective. Here Isheeni shares, in her own words the power and potential of Kahuna.

Kahuna Massage Mona Vale

I am isheeni , Ka Huna body worker and Seer , it is a blessed honour to  be able to offer this KaHuna work to Humanity and hold a space for you to receive on Tuesdays  at the Collective. KaHuna  sessions (sacred temple style body work) are not like any other massage treatment. This  form of technique  uses hands, forearms, elbows and moves around the table using Hula and Tai Chi style movements. It is a full body  massage.

Kahuna is for every body, regardless of age, shape,  state of health, is healing , energising  OR deeply relaxing .

Being held in  safe environment,  recovery from broken bones or a broken heart, or  during rites of passage, chronic   emotional and physical  stress/ tension all is supported to be surrendered ,  gifting you towards  a pathway of  joy  and open heartedness.   What you receive is unique to you and every time is different. The effects of  soft and deep tissue flowing  creative technique massage skill , results in  a positive transformation on all levels. Under body work , stretches ,  sound ,chant or prayer may be  used, with clear healing  intent energy  frequency.

Ka Huna massage activates the immune system , drains lymphatic system,   assists  balancing digestive and   circulatory systems, rewarding you with a  sense of great vitality, purpose and focus as it works on a deep cellular  level.

One can experience a deep meditative state and an opening to a profound spiritual experience. We attune to the  music played ,and the flow of the massage  to harmonise  with the various rhythms within your body, mind, spirit and soul all aligned to your  clear intention . This allows for you to open to receive a deep, profound, relaxing or therapeutic experience, one you would not have even imagined,  unique to you and where you are presenting in your life.

My journey in Massage training  includes practice of over 26 years, and my life  study and education of  energy science and consciousness  has aligned me to a greater sense of all of me /we presence. The honour to perform KA Huna massage for you, at this  advanced level, delivers me and you to anchor our pillars more and more into mother Gaia’s earth heart portal, embodying presence and experiencing this streaming we are lovingly aligned to.

Transformational and life changing.  Experience the extraordinary .We are deeply  humbled  as we welcome any enquiries or bookings

See you soon.

Ishinee is in consult Tuesday at the The Collective.
Bookings can be made with her on 0432 283 080



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