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Iyengar Yoga, Kids Yoga and Rope Wall Yoga – Avalon


Jo Longhurst started Iyengar yoga in 1995 and instantly loved it!!!  She has always had an interest in healthy living, anatomy and physiology.  She began her Iyengar Yoga training a few years later in London with Sylvia Prescott who was one of the first western Iyengar yoga teachers, then moving to the beautiful northern beaches in 2002 I completed my training.

“I feel very privileged to teach Iyengar Yoga……  I go over to Pune in India every 2 years with the Iyengar family for a month of yoga with other Iyengar yoga teachers from around the world. I love teaching beginners and experienced students it makes me so happy to see them grasp their yoga and go deeper with it whether it is a basic standing pose, learning to balance,  coming away from the wall in headstand, or an invigorating handstand. “

Iyengar Yoga

Jo works in a monthly cycle so one week will be standing poses, then hips, twists and forward bends, then backbends and the last week more restorative.  We use props to gain the correct alignment and the classes are always sequenced.  Jo will always give her students attention and adjustments.

Kids Yoga

Jo is also very passionate about teaching kids yoga “you are never too young to start yoga” the earlier you plant that seed the easier and better. Jo introduces Iyengar methodology to kids in a fun and relaxing way so that they can use these skills in overcoming day to day stressful encounters. Look out for school holiday workshops

Iyengar Rope Wall Yoga

Jo runs monthly Rope workshops from the Avalon studio. These classes teach posture alignment with the use of ropes in a gentle and supportive way. By being able to experience correct posture alignment with the help and support of the ropes students can get the feel that can translate to their practice on the mat. These classes are limited in possible class numbers so places are only available by pre booking with Jo.

Jo’s bubbly personality with her deep connection of yoga is the perfect combination

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