With Naturopath Anita Wilson

Herb8 Herbs for respiratory healths that support lung health typically do so by offering one or more of the following:

  • They may be an expectorant – which helps break up and expel congestion
  • Soothe irritated nasal passages & airways
  • Relax the muscles near the upper respiratory system to ease a cough
  • Calm the release of histamines
  • Fight the harmful organisms that can produce upper respiratory problems
  • They may be a source of antioxidants and reduce oxidative damage and redness



Lets look at the 8 best herbs for respiratory health!

  1. Eucalyptus
     An expectorant, can ease a cough, fights congestion and soothes irritated sinus passages. Good inhalant for coughs, chest infections & fungal infections
  1. Horseradish
    Strengthens mucous linings
  1. Mullein
    Eases sore throats , assists breathing difficulty in asthma, dry coughs and good for nerve supply to the bronchial tree
  1. Peppermint
    Clears bronchial congestion and clears sinuses
  1. Elecampane
    Soothes bronchial passage & for weakness of chest
  1. Plantain Leaf
    Eases coughs and soothes mucous membranes and lung irritation
  1. Oregano
    Natural decongestant and histamine reducer
  1. Grindelia
    Expectorant, relieves spasms , bronchitis , dry irritable cough and upper respiratory catarrh


Anita Wilson
Naturopathic Herbalist

Anita is in clinic Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment.


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