2017/2018 Yoga Teacher Training

Message from one of our Students

I am so thankful that I followed my instinct to enroll in YTT at Yoga & Health Collective – I would go so far as to say it has been transformative in my life, it has definately changed aspects of me, my family, my priorities and where I am heading quite dramatically (and positively) including in totally unrelated areas such as within my career.  Jude K, Mona Vale

I N S P I R I N G      I N   D E P T H     R E W A R D I N G

Making the decision to undertake a yoga teacher training course becomes the corner stone for all the years that will follow it.  Join us for our 2017/18 offering and participate in a course that will give you the highest possible accredited qualification in yoga teaching and an experience you will never forget.

  • Offered as a series of 14 modules over 2 years totalling 500 hours.
  • 11 core subjects and 5 course electives
  • Each module will provide you with a full immersion in practice and study.
  • The space between the modules allows you time to integrate this new information into your everyday life.
  • Flexible options for those who want to deepen their education but are unable to register for the entire course
  • All hours count towards becoming a 500-hour registered Yoga Australia teacher.

Level 1, 2 Bungan Street
9997 2121

Reception Hours –
9:00am to 5:00pm Mon – Fri
7:45am to 1:00pm Saturday





Compulsory Modules (12)


38 hoursAnatomy and Physiology – A foundational understanding of the anatomical structures and
physiological processes of the body. (18 hrs)

Applied Anatomy and Physiology – Application of  anatomy and physiology understanding to Yogic
techniques in personal, group and therapeutic practice including posture analysis and
correction. (18 hrs)HISTORY &

15 hoursHistory and philosophy of Yoga in ancient India and its development in Western society. Promotes an
understanding of Yogic principles and their application to our daily lives as well as the lineage of the Great Teachers.
An introduction and study of the main classical texts of Yoga, and their integration in a Yogic lifestylePERSONAL

144 hoursSelf-Guided Practice – A supervised practice where the student focuses on an individual program designed for them by a senior teacher. This course aims to set a strong foundation for a future personal practice, the cornerstone to the development of a well-rounded teacher.
This class runs Tuesday mornings from 6.30 am during term time. (20 hrs)

Mentoring – Developing relationships with a senior teacher leading to one on one sessions for
guidance on self-practice and review of course content when needed. Practical interactive support is an intrinsic part of the course and students are encouraged to maintain a close connection with their mentor and Teacher/Liaison officer. (4 hrs)

Assisting– In class assisting the senior teacher you are working with. Includes
note-taking and observation, adjusting for safety and teaching of some elements of the class at the teachers guidance and  discretion (30 hrs)

Class attendance – Students are required to attend 2–3 yoga classes per week for the duration of the course (100 hrs total).TEACHING

50+ hrs

Overview – The principles of teaching Yoga, focusing on the many areas that will enhance and develop the skills required to prepare, plan and deliver a balanced Yoga class. Includes a good understanding of Yoga asana and Yogic techniques, and how to teach safely.

Course includes:
Communication skills/language/counselling
Asana Corrections, Alignments Theory & Use of Props
Asana Corrections and Alignments Practical
Teaching Practice





102 hrsAsana 1 ,2 & 3– Theory and teaching practice of standing, seated, twisting, forward bend, backward bend, inversion & restorative poses. The development of an understanding of basic movement the
principals and how to apply them to asana (72 hrs)

Pranayama – Theory and practice of the use of the breath: Ujjai, Yogic breathing, Nadi Shodhana,
Brahamari, Kapalabhati, Bastrika, Sheetali, Kumbhaka & breath ratio.(15 hrs)

Meditation & Relaxation – Theory and practice of meditation and relaxation techniques: Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness and PMR. (15 hrs)5 Day Teacher
Training Retreat

110 hoursThe retreat continues our teaching practice and methodology modules and also includes
development of the following practices:

Bhakti Yoga – the Yoga of sound; mantras, Kirtan, theory and practice. (3+ hrs)

Ethics/Lifestyle – Discussion of the Yamas and Niyamas as Yogic ethics and their
integration into our lifestyle ‘off the mat’. (2+ hrs)

Spirituality – A chance to deepen the Yogic experience as a lifestyle exploring silence, walking meditations, connection with nature and each other thru yoga.

Electives – Choose 3 from the list below
All electives are available for external study (CPD points available)

15 hours

The study of the subtle body, the subtle energy systems from an Indian perspective. The course includes the examination of the subtle bodies and the and the channels of Prana.


Introduction to  5
Element Theory

15 hoursAn introduction to the 5 Element system including the 12 meridians and their organ
associations. Exploring the use of the Taoist 5 Element Theory in its physical, emotional and spiritual constructs as a guide to class theming and conceptual teaching.Introduction to

15 hoursA study of the 5 great element theory, the 3 Ayurvedic constitutions and their application to the
digestive system, central to this medicine.

Food as Medicine

15 hours

A comprehensive course building on, but not dependent upon, knowledge gained  in the 5 Element elective. Learn how to choose foods according to the season and how to support your practice more fully thru the principals of Wholefoods.

Yoga Psychology

15 hours

An introduction to the broad topic of yoga psychology that aims to enrich a students understanding of the perspective of maintaining  and developing good mental health thru yoga practice.


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Over the last 6 years we have taken this course from strength to strength with one of the most  experienced and qualified teaching faculties bringing multi disciplinary influences, an open, safe and supportive learning environment and a highly organized
administration and course support department.

Principal: Yolande Hyde
A generous, passionate and experienced teacher who draws from her extensive background in Iyengar, Japanese yoga, traditional Hatha and 5 Element theory. Having studied with some of the world’s leading teachers across many disciplines, Yolande brings a blended style, inspiring her students to explore, break the rules, dig deep and find their way home to the unique teacher within.

Administrator: Katherine Corbett
Katherine Corbett has worked in her own business for more than 10 years establishing a reputation for professionalism and integrity. In her role as YTT Course Coordinator she offers support that is both compassionate and practical.

Liz Bennett
An experienced Yoga Teacher with qualifications from Yoga Synergy, the Yoga Institute, as well as studies in India. Liz is a Physiotherapist with many years’ experience in private practice, affording her an intimate and extended understanding of the science of the human body; the ideal teacher of Anatomy and Physiology

Maurice Eberlein
Maurice takes his yoga seriously, but his warmth and generosity bring great lightness and humour into his classes. It’s a compelling combination that has created a loyal following of happy students! A native Chilean, Maurice has lived in Australia for 27 yrs and has been teaching his extremely popular Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga style classes at Yoga & Health Collective since 2006.

Sal Flynn
Sal’s professional training includes Bachelor Degree in Counselling and Human Change, Clinical Diploma Hypnotherapy, Advanced Diploma Yoga Teaching and Certificate Yoga Therapy. Sal is trained extensively in mindfulness based approaches including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Sal is a member of Faculty at Jansen Newman Institute, Awareness Institute and is a Senior Associate to internationally recognised Yoga teacher, Donna Farhi

Jacqui Guiliano
Jacqui’s teaching embraces her backgrounds in hatha yoga tradition, tantra advaita philosophies, traditional Chinese medicine and meridian theory and seasonal and wholefood healing. Looking for balance, integrity and meaning of yoga on the mat and in our lives is what inspires her teaching.

Sylviane G James

Following intensive Iyengar yoga training Sylviane became one of Sydney’s most sought after Iyengar teachers. Since then her studies have taken her into Yoga Therapy, massage and injury management, dysfunction and the mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances that arise from such conditions.  Sylviane now specializes in chronic pain and the treatment of long term postural imbalances as well as graduate and post graduate lecturing, we are honored to have her as part of our faculty.

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