With Kids Yoga Teacher Krystle Maguire 

As a K-12 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education teacher, long term Yoga student, mother of two and certified Yoga and Kids Yoga Teacher, I am thrilled to share my observations on how Yoga can improve a child’s overall wellbeing.


  1.                                                                         Yoga teaches self-acceptance.

Kids Yoga 1In today’s world, we hear so much about being the best and achieving the most. What I love about Yoga is it teaches kids that their bodies are different; different bodies do different things and all of them are okay. We are all just exploring our bodies and learning from them in our own way. Yoga provides children an opportunity to learn something that is non-competitive, it also teaches kids to accept and cherish themselves as they are. With society sending so many messages of inadequacy, yoga teaches kids to love themselves and gives them the tools to help fight off feelings of self-doubt that come during the teen years and beyond.

  1. Mindfulness.

We live in a world of distractions. More and more these days, kids seem unable to focus on anything for any decent length of time. Children are always told that they need to be engaged and productive. Their little minds are bouncing from one activity to another all day long, often right up until they crash at bedtime. Yoga teaches kids that it doesn’t have to always be like that. I am amazed to see how teaching Yoga and mindfulness to kids can help to make them be more present, and to concentrate and focus on their breathing. They learn through fun games and activities how the breath can help them throughout the day, in any situation. Yoga teaches children that relaxation is not only allowed; it is encouraged. Relaxing is not easy and learning to relax takes practice. Yoga provides space for the mind to slow down and settle.

3. Yoga teaches self awareness

The true meaning of Yoga is “Union”. As humans we innately crave for connection and touch, however sadly in today’s society we are told more and more “to keep your hands to yourself”. That’s why I love watching my students connect in my Yoga classes through activities such a massage and partner yoga. When children connect with others it creates such a magical energy that is better than any medicine. In guiding children through poses and meditations they learn about their bodies and what they are capable of. They discover how their mind and thoughts affect their emotions and learn better ways to react and cope in situations. This awareness of the body, mind and spirit, and of what can be achieved when all three work together, helps children develop into more confident, kind, responsible adults. They learn to accept and love themselves for who they are and more importantly to see the good in others.


Krystle teaches kids yoga term courses
Tuesdays 4.00 – 4.45 pm 


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